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Designers at AHEAD Reveal Top Five Headwear Trends for 2014

New Bedforn, Mass. (PRWEB) September 17, 2013

The experts at AHEAD have identified the top five hottest trends in headwear for 2014.

1. Colors that pop – Take a good look at players on any of golf’s professional tours, or go no further than the local club, and it’s clear that players today are seeking bolder, brighter colors. AHEAD has responded by introducing for 2014: sunkist, comet orange, marigold, Georgia green, lagoon blue, cornsilk yellow, boysenberry, azalea, periwinkle, and both hot and power pink.

2. Fit as a Fiddle – Avid hat wearers can relate to those “one-size-almost-fits” caps that have a great look but regrettably a dreadful fit. AHEAD continues its quest to satisfy the growing “proper fit” appetite by taking a tailored approach to providing options. For the first time in a few years, AHEAD has introduced a new size – the “mid fit.” It is designed to represent that perfect fit between the existing extreme cut (a more shallow cap) and classic cut (for the average to deep head shape). AHEAD introduces the mid cut with the debut of the Newport Washed Cap collection, a washed-twill line with 13 color choices.

3. ‘Hi’ tech – Apparel has been trending “technical” for years and now hats are following suit – but without a negative impact to their look or feel. The designers at AHEAD have responded with three smart tech caps for 2014 that more than fit the bill: Tech Mesh Fitted Cap, Smooth Lightweight Tech Cap and Textured Tech with Lip Cap.

4. Total washout – Anything more hip than a cap that has a “washed out” look but that brand-new feel? The “washed out” cap is all the rage for 2014, say the experts at AHEAD, who are introducing the new (yet nostalgic) Newport Washed Twill Cap and Sandblasted Canvas Cap collections. Moreover, AHEAD is bringing back no fewer than seven of its “Pigment Dyed” style caps: Solid, Sandwich, Two-Tone, Long Bill, Mesh and Dyed Contrast.

5. Ornamentation Techniques – AHEAD’s new alternative graphics for Performance headwear focus on a combination of direct and raised embroidery, and printed labels using modern fonts in combination with golf club logos. Verbiage is the focal point for a neater, cleaner look. The printed Coolmax labels allow for lots of detail at small sizes so the front ornamentation does not overpower the technical appeal of the cap.

More casual caps like the “washed twill” and “sandblasted canvas” caps, both with a nostalgic appearance, require complementary graphics. The lettering styles keep with the traditional feel of the caps – advertising and packaging lettering from the 1930s and ’40s, athletic scripts from the ’50s and ’60s, timeless collegiate fonts, and distressed “vintage” canvas labels that appear to be as washed and worn as the caps on which they are embroidered.

“Creativity has been at the heart of the company since day one, and it is what our customers have always embraced about us,” said Chuck Lord, chief operating officer for AHEAD. “The trends we are seeing are well represented in our 2014 offerings.”

For additional information about AHEAD, visit

# # #

About AHEAD |

Founded in 1995, AHEAD is a multi-dimensional brand with a proven track record of success distributing headwear, apparel, and accessories to the green grass, resort and corporate markets. Its single focus of providing quality products, with innovative, high-quality design, and merchandising concepts has led to 18 years of continued growth and expansion. AHEAD is a leading supplier of headwear to the USGA, PGA of America, Ryder Cup and numerous PGA Tour events in addition to more than 5,000 green grass and resort shops throughout the world. Among active professional golfers who wear AHEAD gear on the course are Jim Furyk, Sean O’Hair and Brittany Lincicome. Golf legends Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Annika Sorenstam wear AHEAD exclusively.


24h Appliance Repair Launches to Provide Consumers Solutions to Appliance Problems

Wilmington, Delaware (PRWEB) November 27, 2013

From 24h Local, makers of, comes with complimentary answer to household and commercial appliance repair problems.

24h Local launched a similar service on computer repair questions this past September. The free answers to consumer questions are organized into categories and can be searched through by all visitors instantly. The service gained significant momentum and now the company is excited to branch out to appliance help. Appliances are something we all need to run smoothly, they very literally keep our lives running.

The convenient site allows visitors to connect with verified repair professionals across brands like Amana, Frigidaire, GE, Hotpoint, Jenn Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag, Whirlpool and various others. To add to the benefits of this new technological approach to maintenance 24h Appliance Repair isn’t short on the communication. It allows consumers to have useful back and forth conversations with service repair professionals. With unlimited free answers homeowners, business owners and renters alike have the advantage. No longer does an intimidating repair look like dollar signs. strives to demystify technology and make it accessible for all with questions about appliances. The website lets users log on any time of the day and pose a question to qualified experts about appliances. Consumers can get help on issues such as maintenance, installation and other appliance concerns within 24 hours.

Offering help with answers to issues with refrigerators, dishwashers, microwave ovens, garbage disposers, freezers, washing machines, dryers, stoves, ovens and even vent hoods leaves nothing out. Ultimately offering busy people assurance that their appliance repair can be handled easily with a fix at the direction of a professional the 24h Appliance Repair site could prove more than invaluable over time as well as in the immediate.

For more information visit

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InterAct Helps Perry County Sheriffs Office Transform Community into a SafeTown

Winston-Salem, NC (PRWEB) November 26, 2013

With SafeTown Household Profiles, residents can complete a survey of their residence that could help guide first responders in the event of an emergency. The secure profile will let public safety crews know basic information, such as the number of people living in the home, presence of pets, people with special needs, and other critical information that will help crews respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

SafeTown Community Alerts allows authorities to publish alerts such as traffic incidents, HAZMAT warnings or public ‘be on the lookout’ (BOLO) notices where citizens can view information in real time on the SafeTown map. Additionally, SafeTown’s applications are fully integrated with InterAct’s suite of public safety applications, so information is always accurate and up to date for first responders in the field.

“The Perry County Sheriff’s Office is always looking for new ways to serve our citizens,” said Sheriff Smith. “By launching SafeTown, we’re opening up new ways to communicate with our citizens that allows them to be proactively involved in their safety.”

“InterAct is delighted to support Perry County Sheriff’s mission by implementing new technologies to improve the quality of emergency services they provide their community,” said Jim Wilson, GM/VP of “Citizens now have access to a simple and powerful set of cloud applications which are as easy for the public to utilize as Google, Facebook and Twitter.”

About SafeTown™

SafeTown delivers services to the community via a community web portal and a family

of smart phone apps. With SafeTown, citizens can create household profiles for first

responders to use. Agencies can post alerts to all SafeTown subscribers in the community and citizens can report non-emergency problems or suspicious activity.

Additionally, real time events and crime history can be viewed on a map, and authorities can publish information to the community about inmates in local correctional facilities. To learn more about SafeTown, please visit

About InterAct™

InterAct creates public safety software products that support dispatchers, incident responders (law, fire, EMS) and correctional officers worldwide. We bring the benefits of cloud computing to public safety. Our cloud applications connect public safety practitioners to each other and the information they need anywhere, anytime. Our cloud options are more reliable, less costly, easier to use, and more secure. We believe the benefits of cloud computing are so great that its adoption has become a key success factor in achieving the mission that we share with our customers: the safety and well-being of citizens and their communities. To learn more about InterAct’s solutions, please visit us at:

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Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Business Case: Solutions, Business Models, and ROI by Industry Vertical

London (PRWEB) November 26, 2013


The Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market is seen as the future for wireless revenue growth with various reports touting market size to reach 50 billion connections by 2020. However, the current market is still under 100 million connections.

Since M2M is not the only service for telecom carriers, rather it is not their core service; strategies adopted for M2M cannot be studied on stand-alone basis. The strategies have to be evaluated in context with other strategic initiatives taken by the companies. Hence, over-all strategies have also been discussed in this write-up.

This research provides analysis of the business case for M2M from the industry vertical or market segment perspective including specific cases within Healthcare, Vending, Petroleum (Oil & Gas and Propane), and Fleet Management. The report includes business model analysis, technical solution evaluation, and ROI assessment.

The expansion of M2M beyond its roots in utilities and manufacturing industries into many different enterprise operations has opened a host of new opportunities across the entire ecosystem. Furthermore, various enterprise companies in new industries are making plans to leverage M2M in processes that represent a major shift beyond previous implementations.

The information in this report is very valuable to industries/segments address as they assess the M2M business case as well as the M2M service providers as they seek to optimize their respective M2M offerings.

Target Audience:

Mobile network operators

Systems integration companies

Enterprise companies of all types

Investment and M&A companies of all types

M2M equipment and service providers of all types

Table of Contents:









1.3.4 TIA 11


1.3.6 TR50 12

















3.3 RETAIL 21

3.3.1 PAYMENTS 21

3.3.2 VENDING 22











4.1.4 ROI 27

4.1.5 SUMMARY 27



4.2.2 ECOSYSTEM 29


4.2.4 ROI 29

4.2.5 SUMMARY 29



4.3.2 ECOSYSTEM 31



4.3.5 ROI 35

4.3.6 SUMMARY 35



4.4.2 ECOSYSTEM 36


4.4.4 ROI 38

4.4.5 SUMMARY 39





4.5.4 ROI 41

4.5.5 SUMMARY 42


5.1.1 OVERVIEW 43




5.1.5 ROI 45

5.1.6 SUMMARY 46

List of Graphs

Figure 1: M2M Architecture 9

Figure 2: Text Message Notification 14

Figure 3: Sample Revenue Distribution between Operator and partner 16

Figure 4: Photo of Pepsico's Social Vending Machine 30

Figure 5: Diagram of UHF Architecture 40

List of Tables

Table 1: Mobile Operators using Jasper's M2M Platform 17

Table 2: Oil and Gas Use Case Financial Model 36

Table 3: Propane ROI 41

Read the full report:

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Business Case: Solutions, Business Models, and ROI by Industry Vertical

For more information:

Sarah Smith

Research Advisor at


Tel: +44 208 816 85 48


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ICT Priorities in Brazil – Enterprise ICT investment plans to 2013

London (PRWEB) November 26, 2013

Product Synopsis

This report presents the findings from a survey of 163+ Brazilian enterprises regarding their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) investment priorities. The survey investigates the core technologies which German enterprises are investing in, including the likes of enterprise applications, security, mobility, communications and collaboration, and Cloud Computing.

Introduction and Landscape

Why was the report written?

In order to provide deeper insights into Brazilian enterprises' ICT investment priorities and strategic objectives.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?

Brazilian enterprises are demonstrating an increasingly positive trend in the adoption of IT which is expected to continue in 2013.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?

Brazilian enterprises are continuously looking to adopt green IT and virtualization, cloud computing, mobility, and business intelligence solutions - primarily to reduce their costs, enhance operational efficiencies, achieve sustainability, and improve customer service and experience.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?

Kable Global ICT Intelligence has invested significant resources in order to interview CIOs and IT managers about their IT investment priorities. Very few IT analyst houses will have interviewed 163+ ICT decision makers in the Brazilian market in H2 2012.

Key Features and Benefits

Recognize Brazilian enterprises' strategic objectives with regards to their ICT investments.

Identify Brazilian enterprises' investment priorities based on their budget allocations across core technology categories such as enterprise applications, security, mobility, communications and collaboration, and cloud computing, etc.

Learn about the drivers that are influencing Brazilian enterprises' investments in each technology category.

Establish how Brazilian enterprises' IT budgets are currently allocated across various segments within a technology category.

Gain insight into how Brazilian enterprises plan to change their IT budget allocations across various segments within a technology category.

Key Market Issues

Rapid economic growth and favourable business conditions are allowing Brazilian enterprises to spend more on expanding their businesses. This is apparent from Kable's survey which indicates a vast majority of respondents expecting to increase their ICT budgets in 2013, in comparison to 2012.

The security market in Brazil is driven by multiple factors such as growing regulatory compliance and an increasing incidence of cyber and malware attacks.

Brazilian enterprises are prioritizing investments in SCM, PLM, and CLM, as on an average 55% of respondents plan to invest in these areas in the next two years.

The need to manage and archive ever-increasing volumes of corporate data in a consistent and compliant manner is driving the demand for enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.

There is an increase in adoption of virtualization solutions amongst Brazilian enterprises, in order to reduce overall IT costs and increase scalability of their ICT infrastructures.

Key Highlights

Brazilian CIOs and IT managers are focusing much of their efforts towards improving security and standardising their IT infrastructure across departments, with respondents rating them X and X on a scale of 1 to 4.

The need for enterprises to keep their mobile workforces connected to corporate networks in order to improve efficiency and ensure smooth running of day-to-day operations is forcing companies in Brazil to invest in mobility solutions.

The demand for communications and collaboration solutions is increasing amongst Brazilian enterprises of all sizes, since they help in reducing travel time and costs and improve productivity.

According to Kable's survey, 85% of enterprises in Brazil are currently using business intelligence tools, and an impressive 82% are planning further investments in the next two years.

Adoption of cloud computing is set to witness an upward momentum amongst Brazilian enterprises, with hybrid cloud likely to emerge as the most preferred area of investment in the next two years.

1 Enterprise ICT investment trends

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Survey demographics

1.3 ICT budget changes

1.4 Strategic objectives

1.5 Core technology investment priorities

2 Detailed ICT investment priorities

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Enterprise applications

2.3 Business intelligence

2.4 Security

2.5 Content management

2.6 Mobility

2.7 IT systems management

2.8 Communications and collaboration

2.9 Green IT and virtualization

2.1 Cloud computing solutions

3 Summary

3.1 Brazilian enterprises are optimistic about increasing their investments in various advanced technologies

4 Appendix

4.1 Definitions

4.2 Further reading

4.3 Contact the authors

List of Tables

Table 1: Brazilian enterprise ICT survey industry breakdown

Table 2: Brazilian enterprise ICT survey breakdown by size band (number of employees)

Table 3: Recent and expected ICT budget changes among Brazilian enterprises

Table 4: Current strategic objectives of Brazilian enterprises

Table 5: Current and future investment priorities of Brazilian enterprises across core technologies

Table 6: Enterprise applications - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Table 7: Business intelligence - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Table 8: Security - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Table 9: Content management - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Table 10: Mobility - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Table 11: IT systems management - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Table 12: Communications and collaboration - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Table 13: Green IT and virtualization - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Table 14: Cloud computing solutions - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

List of Figures

Figure 1: Brazilian enterprise ICT survey industry breakdown

Figure 2: Brazilian enterprise ICT survey breakdown by size band (number of employees)

Figure 3: Recent and expected ICT budget changes among Brazilian enterprises

Figure 4: Current strategic objectives of Brazilian enterprises

Figure 5: Current and future investment priorities of Brazilian enterprises across core technologies

Figure 6: Enterprise applications - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Figure 7: Business intelligence - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Figure 8: Security - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Figure 9: Content management - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Figure 10: Mobility - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Figure 11: IT systems management - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Figure 12: Communications and collaboration - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Figure 13: Green IT and virtualization - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Figure 14: Cloud computing solutions - Brazilian enterprises' current and future investment priorities

Read the full report:

ICT Priorities in Brazil - Enterprise ICT investment plans to 2013

For more information:

Sarah Smith

Research Advisor at


Tel: +44 208 816 85 48


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Check Out All New! See What NFL Stars Are Saying, Browse Thousands of Professional Photos, Shop Athlete-Branded Merchandise & More

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 19, 2010

MogoTXT, Inc., a celebrity-based global entertainment platform, announced today the launch of their new website that takes social media to a whole new level for celebrities and their fans. MogoTXT’s new website,, unveils many exciting features and famous sports personalities.

MogoTXT is proud to welcome St. Louis Ram running back Steven Jackson to the website. He will be joining a number of top NFL stars on MogoTXT including:

Scott Fujita, linebacker, Cleveland

Alex Mack, center, Cleveland

Terrell Owens, wide receiver, Cincinnati

Percy Harvin, wide receiver, Minnesota

Marques Colston, wide receiver, New Orleans

There are many more NFL players, as well as popular NBA, FIFA and MMA personalities, that are joining the ever-growing list of athletes on MogoTXT.

The MogoTXT platform is designed to provide celebrities direct and immediate connection to their fans on MogoTXT and their followings on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. With this text-once-reach-all-fans convenience, MogoTXT offers celebrities an easy way to manage their public image, whenever they want, wherever they are.

MogoTXT makes it easy for fans to follow their favorite celebrities, read and hear what they are saying, and see what they are up to. Fans can sign-up for FREE* to receive text messages directly on their cell phone from MogoTXT’s celebrities. Fans can also listen to voice “Shout Outs” that many celebrities leave for their fans on MogoTXT.

MogoTXT provides users with the ultimate multimedia experience. ans can enjoy the comprehensive high-quality editorial coverage of NFL photos from Getty Images on MogoTXT. These images are displayed on Cool Iris walls found on each athlete’s MogoTXT page, and the content is updated regularly to feature photos from the latest NFL games. Fans can also post and share these photos on their own Facebook and Twitter pages.

MogoTXT also has a new Mogo Design Studio that is creating thousands of celebrity-branded logos and emblems that fans can collect and post on their Facebook and Twitter. MogoTXT is currently allowing fans to collect these “celebrity tokens” for free until Halloween!

Fans can now shop for and buy high quality, celebrity-branded merchandise at great prices on MogoTXT. The new online stores will carry a variety of professionally-designed T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and other apparel featuring custom celebrity logos and text messages posted to MogoTXT by celebrities. MogoTXT now sells merchandise for top NFL players including Steven Jackson, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rogers, Larry Fitzgerald, Chris Johnson and many others. MogoTXT is offering free shipping on all T-Shirts, Hoodies and Hats from now until Halloween!

*Standard text message rates may rates apply. Please check with your carrier for the terms of your current text-messaging plan.

About MogoTXT

San Francisco, California-based MogoTXT, Inc. is a celebrity-focused news and entertainment platform that delivers innovative and engaging online and mobile experiences for both celebrities and fans. MogoTXT lets users sign up to receive text messages from their favorite celebrities, and to follow conversations taking place among celebrities as they are happening. Users can also view high quality photographs and videoclips on MogoTXT, and share what content they like with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. MogoTXT provides celebrities with an easy and convenient way to reach their fans, along with a superior, rich media presentation. When celebrities text, their messages are instantly displayed on MogoTXT and automatically forwarded to their Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and personal websites. MogoTXT recently added celebrity-branded virtual goods and merchandise to its product and service offerings. For more information, please visit



Acoustica Release Mixcraft Pro Studio 5 Recording Software

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 20, 2010

Acoustica is pleased to announce the release of Mixcraft Pro Studio 5, the ultimate Mixcraft experience. This deluxe package includes the award-winning Mixcraft 5 recording software, plus three new professional virtual instruments, and four powerful new audio effects, valued at $ 250. These new instruments and audio effects, combined with Mixcraft 5's already impressive collection of music loops, audio effects, and cutting-edge virtual instruments, provide musicians and producers with an incredible selection of tools for recording, producing, and mastering audio and video projects.

Mixcraft Pro Studio 5's expanded instruments are:

Acoustica's award-winning Pianissimo grand piano, which combines sampling and modeling technology to produce a critically-acclaimed, musical piano sound that Music Tech Magazine said "stands up to critical listening."

ME80 Vintage Analog Synthesizer, an incredibly realistic recreation of the Yamaha CS80 analog synthesizer, among the most powerful and coveted analog synthesizers ever made. This amazing recreation supports polyphonic aftertouch (just like the original) and has the same creamy tone found on Vangelis's famous Blade Runner soundtrack.

Memorymoon Analog Synthesizer, a detailed recreation of the legendary, massive-sounding Moog Memorymoog analog synthesizer. Memorymoon perfectly captures the enormous analog sound of the classic 3-oscillator powerhouse synth.

Mixcraft Pro Studio 5's expanded audio effects are:

G-Sonique Twisthead VS-206 Vacuum Tube Preamp, which adds subtle analog warmth or fierce overdriven tube grit to your tracks. This vintage tube preamp adds 1960's charm and character to vocals, drums, and more.

G-Sonique FSQ1964 Transient Vitaliser, a powerful mastering tools that adds sweet high frequencies, analog colors, crystal and transparent transients, and boldness to any mix.

G-Sonique XBass 4000L Analog Bass Enhancer, which recreates the warm, fat bass tone found in vintage tube circuits. XBass 4000L combines two unique algorithms to enhance the bass spectrum of audio tracks, adding emphasis to the audible bass content, enriching the bass and sub-bass spectrum, and boosting the higher harmonic frequencies.

G-Sonique Dubmaster Liquid Delay, an intense delay effect that goes far beyond the limits of traditional studio delays. Dubmaster combines tempo-synced rhythmic liquid delay with powerful LFO-driven filtering and phase effects to add atmosphere and a unique sound to any audio track.

Packed with 11 virtual instruments, 26 audio effects, and over 3300 audio loops, plus powerful video, audio, and MIDI editing capabilities, Mixcraft Pro Studio 5 has an MSRP of $ 199.99, with a street price around $ 150. For more information on Mixcraft Pro Studio 5, please visit our web site at

Visit and see it all for yourself.  You’ll never look at music software the same way again.

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7

1 GB RAM (2GB or more recommended)

1.5 GHz CPU (Dual Core or Quad Core)

Sound card, USB, or Firewire sound device


Suggested retail price $ 149.99 (MSRP $ 199)

All versions include lifetime support


Derek Schaefer,

Retail and OEM Sales Manager

559-692-2224 ext 1007



Rosalind Clarke,

Creative Director




New Name, Same Philosophy: Iconic Houston Architecture Firm, MG Architects, Formerly McCleary German Architects, Celebrates 75 Years by Announcing Their New Brand

Houston, TX (PRWEB) September 17, 2013

McCleary German Architects is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a transformation that reflects both pride in its history and a renewed vision for the future: McCleary German Architects is now MG Architects.

In 1938, McCleary German Architects founder Thompson McCleary set a standard for uncompromised excellence in design, a standard that thrived for more than three generations under the direction of Dale McCleary and Bill German. In 1998, the firm welcomed new owners and principals Eric Batte and Scott Clanton who continue the signature approach to excellence.

“While our brand is changing to reflect our ever-evolving suite of architectural design services, what isn’t changing at MG Architects is just as important,” says Mr. Batte. MG Architects continues to provide each of its clients with the expansive resources of a large firm, but also continue to enhance every project with direct, personal attention from project conception to completion.

Utilizing traditional architectural and design principles while incorporating state of the art technology, MG Architects has created innovative, thought-provoking, and highly efficient spaces for more than 1,100 free-standing bank projects, as well as multistory office, corporate interiors, and retail and graphics projects. All reflect MG Architects’ commitment to focused, one-on-one approach to client partnerships—a standard that remains constant, regardless of its name.

“We remain passionately committed to beautiful and sustainable architecture, intelligent and inspired project solutions, and uncommon service excellence,” adds Mr. Clanton. “And like all of our projects, our client relationships are built to last.”

MG Architects has repeatedly demonstrated their flexibility and willingness to listen and respond promptly,” attests Timothy N. Bryan, CEO, The Bank & Trust of Bryan/College Station. “I am confident that MG Architects will demonstrate the same value.... Once you work with them, you'll go back again and again.”

MG Architects is proud to be the sole architecture firm endorsed by The Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT), whose members have long entrusted their design needs to the firm’s enduring vision of excellence. Accordingly, MG Architects’ new identity will be revealed to this esteemed membership at the 39th Annual IBAT Convention, set for September 21 through 24, 2013 in San Antonio, Texas.

Read the full story on MG Architects’ rebrand at For interviews or media inquiries, please contact Branch PR at 713-515-1204 or abbey(at)branchpr(dot)com.


W.J. Deutsch Signs 5 Year Distribution Agreements with Glazer’s

New York, NY (Vocus) October 22, 2010

W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd. (Deutsch) - a leading importer and marketer of award-winning wines and spirits from around the world - announce the signing of five year distribution agreements with Glazer’s Distributors (Glazer’s), granting Glazer’s the exclusive rights to sell Deutsch’s award-winning portfolio of wine and spirits in Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas. These agreements bring Deutsch’s long standing relationship with Glazer’s to a new level of partnership, further energizing both companies commitment and investment behind Deutsch’s growing portfolio of category leading brands, including the number one wine brand in the U.S., [yellow tail].

The agreements focus on five-year depletion and distribution goals set for the Deutsch’s brands, and new investment, structure and resources that will be put in place to enable both companies to reach them. Key elements include:

    Increased resource investment into Deutsch’s brands to drive national consumer awareness
    Increased investment to drive awareness and sales in individual markets.
    A new on-line training program to increase the knowledge, focus and capabilities of Glazer’s sales force to represent the Deutsch Portfolio
    A streamlined structure and process created to ensure the development and implementation of highly effective local promotional activities
    Mutually designed metrics to measure and drive successful brand building and achievement of Deutsch’s five-year goals

“Glazer’s has been a valuable strategic partner for many years, working closely with us to build brands such as [yellow tail], Georges Duboeuf, and Andre Lurton (Chateau Bonnet) into category leaders,” stated Deutsch’s CEO Peter Deutsch. “They recognize our ability to build consumer-driven brands and appreciate the advantages of working with another independent, family-owned and run business, who shares their goal of long-term growth. They have shown great support for our recent decisions to expand our portfolio to include premium spirits and new wine brands from Spain, Argentina and Chile. We enthusiastically supported Bennett’s recent decision to appoint Sheldon 'Shelly' Stein to lead Glazer’s into their next growth phase.”

“Peter and I have forged an excellent relationship and we were able quickly to come to terms on this break-through agreement that will help both companies benefit from the accelerated growth of the Deutsch wine and spirits brands,” said Shelly Stein, Glazer’s Distributors President & CEO.

“As a third generation family business that just celebrated its 100th birthday, we highly value our partnership with Bill and Peter Deutsch, and welcome the opportunity to build upon our long-standing partnership. We are aligned with the Deutsch team to fuel the growth of Deutsch’s portfolio of award-winning wines and spirits, which will benefit the future generations of our families,” said Bennett Glazer, Chairman and CEO of The Glazer Companies.

About W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd.

W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd. was founded in 1981 by Chairman Bill Deutsch to market quality wines produced by prestigious families from major wine regions of the world. In 2009 Deutsch announced the expansion of the award-winning company to include a separate Spirits Division, W.J. Deutsch Spirits LLC. Deutsch’s wines and spirits are sold to the trade with well-planned marketing support and are offered to U.S. consumers at fair market prices. Today the company is renowned for its brand building prowess and its ability to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Bill’s son Peter Deutsch is CEO; thus two generations of the Deutsch family work side by side in their continuous quest to build strong brands and relationships throughout the wine and spirit industry.

The W.J. Deutsch & Sons portfolio includes award-winning wines from Australia: [yellow tail], [yellow tail] The Reserve, [yellow tail] Bubbles; California: Esser Vineyards, Kunde Estate; France: Andre Lurton, Georges Duboeuf, Hob Nob Vineyards, Patch Block, Pierre Sparr, Sauvion et Fils, Vidal Fleury; Italy: Barone Fini, Castello di Monastero, Coldisole, Poggio alle Sughere, Lionello Marchesi, Villa Pozzi; New Zealand: The Crossings; Portugal: Quinta Do Vale Meao; Spain: Mar De Frades (Rias Baixas), Cruz de Alba (Ribera del Duero), Ramón Bilbao Vinos Y Vinedos (Rioja), and Volteo (Castilla); Chile: Llai Llai; Argentina: Ruta 22, and award-winning spirits from Landy Cognac (France), Luksusowa Vodka (Poland) and Villa Massa (Italy).

CONTACT: Barbara Scalera, Director of Public Relations, W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd.

Office: 914-251-3294, Fax: 914-251-0283, Email: barbara(dot)scalera(at)wjdeutsch(dot)com


About Glazer’s

Glazer’s, currently operating in 11 states, is one of the nation’s largest wholesale distributors of wine, spirits and malt beverage products. The third-generation family business was founded in Dallas in 1909. For more information, please visit our web site at

CONTACT: Louis Zweig, Senior Vice President Marketing and Strategy

Office: 972-392-8389, lzweig(at)glazers(dot)com



Semiconductor Cloud ERP Specialist Tensoft Signs Deal with Solantro Semiconductor — The Newest Renewable Power Management Company to Adopt Tensoft FSM

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) November 26, 2013

Tensoft, the leading semiconductor Cloud ERP provider, today announced the execution of a formal agreement with Solantro Semiconductor Corp. of Ottawa, Canada. Solantro, a provider of highly integrated semiconductor chipset-based solutions for distributed power conversion, energy storage and grid management applications will use Tensoft’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, featuring Tensoft Fabless Semiconductor Management (FSM), to manage end-to-end semiconductor ERP processes. Benefits include maintenance of disciplined inventory levels, dynamic lead times, bolstered production automation and heightened financial awareness and controls.

Tensoft FSM was built from the ground up to accommodate the semiconductor industry’s unique manufacturing flow using an "inverted bill-of-materials" (iBOM). The iBOM manages the nuances of starting with one wafer and ending with multiple die, chips or modules versus a traditional BOM available in mass market ERP and MRP systems designed to convert multiple raw materials into a single end product. FSM also supports many of the other functions that are critical for fabless semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturers, such as the ability to consolidate and analyze work-in-progress (WIP), yield and attributes across vendors and over time, and the ability to track lot genealogy, both forwards and backwards.

“We look forward to implementing Tensoft FSM to manage our ERP and supply chain operations,” said Solantro’s COO Lucas Smith. “Tensoft’s track record in the semiconductor industry as well as their success with other renewable energy and power management companies made them an ideal partner for us. In fact, I have worked with Tensoft before and found that their products and services significantly enhanced the productivity of our team and the reliability of our delivery commitments. We look forward to a successful outcome at Solantro as well.”

“Solantro’s unique products, complex manufacturing processes and rapid growth make it a perfect fit for Tensoft FSM,” said Robert Scarborough, Tensoft President and CEO. “The ability to unite disparate departments, manufacturing facilities and systems through a single semiconductor ERP platform will enable them to scale for even greater growth in the future.”

Solantro joins other Tensoft semiconductor-based customers in the renewable energy and power management industries that create solar, storage, power conversion, high performance computing and LED products, including CHiL Semiconductor, Solar Junction, SemiSouth Laboratories and iWatt.

”Smart Silicon” manufacturers rely on Tensoft FSM for:

Industry-specific planning engine, production control, operations execution and distributor management capabilities, such as an “inverted BOM”, outsourced supplier and fulfillment portals and ship-and-debit capabilities, enable Tensoft customers to compete with larger competitors on a more even playing field.

Automated communication between subcontractor and supply chain vendors, providing real-time visibility and control into all production activity through standard reports and dashboards.

Streamlined capabilities at every step of the process from foundry to fulfillment to provide efficiency, visibility, and cost reductions, ensuring that Tensoft FSM customers can build the right materials and deliver them on time.

About Tensoft FSM

Tensoft Fabless Semiconductor Management (FSM) is a web-based application that supports semiconductor and related industry manufacturing processes. Delivered on premise or in the cloud, Tensoft FSM supports the unique production, supply chain and financial needs of semiconductor and high tech businesses, and is designed to smoothly scale with growth and changing business requirements.

About Solantro Semiconductor Corp.

Solantro enables the development of intelligent, distributed renewable power generation and smart grid management by introducing a fundamentally new approach to Grid-Tied Solar PV, Off-Grid/Micro-Grid, Grid-Tied Storage and Smart-Grid architectures. Providing highly-integrated semiconductor chipsets coupled with intelligent and customizable hardware and software reference platforms allows customers to bring to market highly-differentiated products with extremely attractive performance, reliability and economics. For more information about Solantro, go to

About Tensoft

Tensoft, the leading semiconductor industry Cloud ERP provider supporting emerging growth, mid-tier public companies and divisions of multinational conglomerates, provides business management applications to automate industry-specific lifecycle processes for the semiconductor, technology and software industries. Tensoft's business-ready solutions extend broad, horizontal ERP functionality to complete the most vertically demanding, high-tech needs through critically relevant content, domain expertise, embedded best practices and performance analytics. For over 17 years, technology companies worldwide have relied on Tensoft software and cloud-based services to power and improve operations. Tensoft is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. For more information, go to or call (888) 450-4030 x406.

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