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StorageSafe™ Ushers in Era of High Performance Security for Flash and Hard Disk Type Storage on USB and IEEE 1394 Buses

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 8, 2005

Modern Solutions, Inc. announced today the release of StorageSafe the world’s first and only Windows® 2000 and XP compatible product to incorporate transparent device encryption, guards against 180,000+ common passwords, and secure file and device erase.

“Our clients came to us with a new problem, they had all this value being stored on unprotected, or weakly protected storage devices that can be easily lost or stolen,” said Bryan Born, CTO. “We quickly discovered common and uncompromising demands: 1) genuine security; 2) solid reliability, and; 3) little or no reduction in productivity,” continued Born.

After the device password is entered, the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, the 512-bit Secure Hash Algorithm, and others from our time tested media security library go to work, silently. There is no noticeable impact on bandwidth, even with older generation CPUs. An extensible system instantly checks for and limits the use of more than 180,000 common (easy to guess) passwords. Secure file and device erase that exceeds DoD Standards can remove sensitive files from unwanted locations.

As another industry first, the deprotect routines are fully interrupt tolerant. This is especially important given that the product is targeted at devices that can be detached at any time.

StorageSafe is licensed by CPU, not by device. Therefore, it cost effectively provides a unified security interface to your entire inventory of USB/IEEE 1394 storage devices.

The single unit price is $ 24.99; multi-unit pricing and site licensing are available. The fully functional product can be downloaded now for sale or risk-free thirty-day evaluation at:

“With our end-user driven design, comprehensive testing, and continuous quality improvement, we expect customer satisfaction to be very high,” concluded Born.

About Modern Solutions, Inc.

Modern Solutions is a specialty supplier of commercial and custom security and productivity software. To learn more, please visit us on the web at:

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Modern Solutions, Inc.


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