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(PRWEB) October 22, 2004


Active call’s monitor.

Statistics of: Completed calls, Duration, Bandwidth, Termination Quality.

Cisco physical information of utilization, Memory, CPU, and Internet traffic. - Time slot information, channel usage, rush hour’s, and collisions.

Alerts: the system will e-mail to your inbox or cell phones of: time slots, utilization, CPU or memory, active calls, T1/E1 status.

Administration, billing and customer control:

Define users, with different levels: Administrator, Agent, Sales Rep, and Customer, - Also Originating carrier and Terminating carrier.

Define per user of:

. * Customer Type, and its Sales Rep. or Agent.

. * Access Type: ANI, Prefix, IP, Physical Interface, Pin Number, etc.

. * Price list, Call cut type, discounts, credits, and expiration dates of bills, Pre-paid, Post paid, Technical Administrative and Commercial contact.

. * Customer support, trouble tickets because of technical or commercial problems.

Import and export price list from excel.

. * Management of promotions for special rates by destinations, date and time range.

Billing, with the facility of exporting to Excel, PDF, Word, and HTML.

Traffic reports: Statistics by country, Destination IP, Carrier, Utilization of T1/E1, Billing and Profits, etc.

Access type definition.

Web enable reports, with different access type:

. * Your customer can log-on and see his usage.

. * The Network Administrator can see in real time, Active calls, T1/E1 status Equipment statistics, etc.

. * Your Sales Rep can see the usage and their consumption.

Route control:

Real time control, per equipment, per route, per carrier.

. * Amount of calls.

. * ASR

. * Graph of ASR by destination and time.

. * List of Failed and Completed calls.

. * Define Country Groups with different qualities of termination for alerts.

. * Automatic e-mail with routes that have problems, such e-mail can also be sent to its respective Carrier.

. * Trouble tickets by Carrier by destinations.

. * Alternative routes for low ASR routes.

With these options, Cyneric gives you an integrated platform that allows you to manage all the aspects of your business. Controlling your Customers, Rates, Access type, Real time data, Network control and Statistics that allow you to increase your profits.



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