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MenuStrip 3.0.2: Take Control of Your Mac OS X Menu Bar

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) January 21, 2005

MacPowerUser Software is proud to announce a significant update to MenuStrip 3, our popular menu bar enhancement and control strip utility for Mac OS X.

New features and improvements in MenuStrip 3.0.2:

Easily create new shortcuts to applications or documents by simple drag and drop

Create new custom drop-down menus quickly by simply dragging a folder or group of files

Further substantial improvements in memory and CPU usage

Quick Launcher tool now has more added intelligence so that searches list only the most relevant items

Added significantly more date and time display options to the menu clock

Many various bug fixes

Along with these new built-in features and improvements, MenuStrip 3.0.2 also adds support for two new plugins. These new plugins, along with our first MenuStrip 3 plugin, TunesControl, are now packaged together as a free 'MenuStrip PluginPack'. The three plugins included in the pack are:

Contacts Menu 1.0: Have your Address Book contacts quickly available in the menu bar. Easily copy addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

Safari Menu 1.0: Keeps track of your most frequent and recent web sites visited with Safari. Organizes pages by their domain name so you no longer have to dig through your History to find that page you're looking for.

TunesControl 1.0: Control iTunes playback from the menu bar. You no longer need to switch applications just to skip to the next song.

MenuStrip 3.0 lets you take control of your Mac's menu bar. Create your own custom system-wide menus full of your most important files and folders. Put shortcuts to your favorite applications in the menu bar. Create 'Action Buttons' that can launch, hide, or quit groups of applications with a single click. Aside from being able to add items to your menu bar, MenuStrip can also extend it if it is already too cramped. By becoming a control strip that can be put anywhere on the screen, it effectively extends your available menu space.

Major features:

Create fully customizable drop-down menus in your menu bar

Create buttons that can launch, hide, or quit groups of applications at once

Application switcher menu item with an 'Auto-Hide Others' mode

Clock / Calendar / Alarm clock item with many display options

Quick Launcher item allows you to launch applications or open files by simply typing their name

Full plugin support that allows for easy expandability and future plugin tools

For more information about MenuStrip, please visit:

Download MenuStrip 3.0.2 (558 KB) -

Download MenuStrip PluginPack 1.0 (80 KB) -

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