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LD Consulting Announces Phonetic Audio Mining Software Engine

Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY (PRWEB) February 24, 2005 -

– LD Consulting, Inc. the most heterogeneous and prodigious provider of phonetics-based solutions for audio mining, speech analytics, transcription, and conversational marketing announced today the general availability of its LD Phonetic Engine product. This thin client HTML-based solution delivers the most scalable enterprise audio and video search capability in the marketplace, with audio indexed at more than 50 times real-time. (Most Fortune 50 companies and government agencies are experiencing greater volume levels and speed) Supporting multiple language ingestion, the LD Phonetic Engine resides in parallel with various transcription and speech to text engines, on the LD Mining Platform.

“The LD Phonetic Engine has finally arrived to open arms in the United States and the America’s”, proclaimed Jack Roken, CEO of LD Consulting, ”There now exists an open API (SDK with all tools available )platform for the development community intra Enterprises and through the Government community. “Phonetic Audio and Video searching is exploding with ASP / Service Bureau’s now fulfilling inter application sets in the market.” “Radio, Cable Television, and the Internet are now a desktop click away from real time monitoring and audio/video mining (mine back 30-60-90-one year or more) applications.”

“Imagine the capability to extend your network reach today, from call center and intra enterprise media file mining applications, to be able to monitor / mine your companies product mentions from the Oprah television program, or a local radio based talk show.”, says Mr. Roken.” “A click away will not only give all current relative information on one’s own product and services (like Coke, Cadillac, and the Cavaliers ), moreover, now one’s competitive product will also be captured and contrasted in relevance. (Pepsi, Porsche, and the Pacers )”.

LD Phonetic Engine1.0 features include:

Unparalleled Accuracy Results                                                                                        

LD Phonetic Engine utilizes no dictionary or lexicon technologies. It is true algorithmic statistically modeled architecture. Exactitude of searches on jargon, proper names, acronyms for industries and government approach the high 90 percentile range. If one can phonetically type it, the LD Phonetic Engine will find it!

No Content Based Charges                                                                                                

The LD Phonetic Engine has no “hidden” costs in terms of charges for hours of indexing. This business model allows the customer to develop scalable applications without the worriment of large payments based upon usage. The LD Consulting philosophy is that the user community should not be burdened with an ulterior marketing ruse. Software usage should never be financially controlled by a vendor.

Real time thin client access

A tantamount of the LD Phonetic engine is the capability to search ingested and indexed media files virtually and globally. There exist no “batch” requests of search results. By utilizing a true browser technology, the LD Engine/Platform is peerless regarding its scalability, usability, and extensibility.

Cost of Ownership

Paramount to the LD Phonetic engine is the total cost of ownership. The marketplace for Audio and Video Mining has beseeched for alternatives from a $ 75,000-100,000+ software price per CPU. The LD Phonetic Engines is less than one quarter of that price with multiple CPU allowances.

Content Based Relevant Searching

Now the capability of existing inside the audio is obtained. Boolean algebra searches along with interfaces to Knowledge Management query bases systems are achievable.

ASP/Service Bureau “Google with ears” capabilities

The LD Consulting partner network allows inter or extra based searching of all media. Radio, Television, and Internet ingestion and indexing is compiled and available as an extension of a companies existing network or as a “Pay per View” clipping service. This neoteric concept does not exists or is available anywhere today, with the exception of the LD Consulting Partner Network.

About LD Consulting, Inc.

LD Consulting, Inc. is a leading provider of scalable, extensible, and accurate audio mining, transcription, and conversational marketing software. LD Consulting, Inc. allows government agencies and commercial enterprises to mine and integrate audio / video media files. Many of the Fortune 100 look to the forward thinking media convergence induction strategies that LD Consulting proposes from a technology perspective. The marketing vista is on the forefront of all solutions proposed by LD Consulting, Inc. By keeping the clients competitive advantage as the focus, LD brings to bear the most cost effectual alternatives to achieving that competitive objective.

LD Consulting / Technologies, Inc.

166 East Levering Mill Road

Suite 205

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Office Phone : 856-772-6509

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