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Jence Incorporated Releases NineSYNC, a Server Level Database Synchronization Web Services Software

(PRWEB) February 3, 2005

NineSYNC is a database synchronization web services program. This database synchronization program allows heterogeneous databases to synchronize target database with source database. A comprehensive mapper allows the user to select the tables and datatypes of the source and map them to the target database.

NineSYNC Difference

NineSYNC differentiation is it is a web service. The advantage of web service is that it works over firewall using HTTP/HTTPS protocol. The program will reside on a server anywhere in the world and controlled by client programs. Another added advantage of using a web service is that the program is callable by any web services enabled application regardless of the language used to develop it. NineSYNC does not require that the source and target database exist on the server where NineSYNC is installed. The source and target databases are seen as IP addresses with a user name and password. The web service will remotely connect the two databases using those addresses.

Supported Databases

SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgresql, DB2.

Mapper Feature

The mapper interface may be able to map data types of source database to target database on a column by column basis. The only restriction is that the primary keys have to be identical.

Periodic Scheduling

NineSYNC may be set up for periodic synchronization daily, weekly or monthly.

Stop and Pause Mode

This allows you to pause database synchronization and then resume at your will. If the synchronization is paused, then when resumed, the web service continues from where it left off, if the source database has not changed.

Report Generation and Log Files

Log files are created for each synchronization. The log files are XML based and the web service client have the option to generate HTML report from the log file.

Client Graphical User Interface

The web service also comes with a client graphical user interface, which includes a mapper interface, user login, account creation screen, database synchronization scheduler. Future version will also have a file synchronization interface.


The web service called NineSYNC appears as a URL string. The client contacts the URL using this string and fetches the WSDL file, which describes how the web services need to be used. The client makes the calls described in the WSDL to communicate with the web service. Once connection is made, the client simply calls the routines synchronously to the web service. When the synchronization starts, the client may logout without terminating the synchronization operation. The client may later come login and check the status of the operation. Log files and mapper file may be printed or viewed on a web browser.

Server Requirements

1. Apache Tomcat v5.5, Sun Appserver 8, IBM Websphere, or other compatible Java App Servers compatible with servlet 2.3 specification.

2. Minimum 1 GB RAM. Ram requirements may increase for larger databases. One million row synchronization requires at least 1 GB.

3. Java Virtual Machine 1.4.1 required.

4. At least one of the following databases required for user management: MySql, Oracle, SqlServer, Postgress, DB2. Sybase, Informix and Derby will be supported soon.

5. High speed internet connection is needed.

6. Valid IP address need for source and target databases.

Clent Requirements

1. Java Virtual Machine 1.4 or above required.

2. No minimum memory requirements, but at least 64 MB RAM recommended.

3. High speed internet connection is not required, but recommended.

Sales and Support

Jence Incorporated will provide six month free support. Support contract are available on an annual basis. Please contact or call 781-962-1462 for more sales and support information.


NineSYNC is available in single user, limited user and unlimited user mode license. The program comes with both server and client. The server must be deployed in a Web Container or a J2EE compliant server.


NineSYNC is available in single user, limited user and unlimited user mode license. The program comes with both server and client side application. There is no per CPU license requirements or any royalty fees. The server must be deployed in a Web Container or a J2EE compliant server.

More Information

More information is available by contacting Jence Incorporated or visiting the website PDF brochures will be available soon.


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