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Intelligence & Security Operating System To Blast Its Way In IDEX 2005

(PRWEB) January 27, 2005

Emirates Malaysia German IT Co, WLL was setup to serve and commercialise Security Technologies for the Government Sectors and Agencies, IT and Communication industries. It anticipates being an ICT leader within 15 years of inception in the industry.

EMG Black Box is one of the many products and solutions made available by EMGIT. It is a secured set of hardware, software, and solutions tailored and designed for a particular security need. It is a comprehensive set of mechanics that may be executed utilizing different operating systems, coupled with applications and defined solutions which when initiated will detect intrusion from layers and eliminate downtime caused by conventional security systems.

Emirates Malaysia German IT Co, WLL was setup in 1999 with the objectives of being both an intellectually and sociably responsible company to both community and ecosystem; to develop businesses in a challenging and manageable environment whilst introducing the market with innovative solutions and conformity; and to harness research and development in the industry.

Located at Workshop 3, Abu Dhabi Industrial City , The Emirates Malaysia German IT Company houses technicians, programmers, developers, support staff and R & D. It is also a base for manufacturing and test-bedding of specialized secured solutions and systems.

When Intellectual Property and highly critical data are central to your organization’s principal force, your security requirements must be met within the confinements of a vigilant and specialized solution. Customization is imperative to ensure excellent results, whilst focused problems are detected, analyzed and eliminated within the network

EMG Black Box System & Features:

The Master system is designed with a combination of Firewall Server, Auto Monitoring, Security Control Management, and Recovery Server.

The system has been especially designed to control and manage activities in any given IT management process.

Shadow System is designed specifically to replicate the Master Server. It is set to auto-enabled by default when the Master system fails to initiate within ten minutes.

Application System Using single database and user interface, the Application system is a highly scalable, enterprise-level, web-based data analysis and gateway built on processing technologies, and fully supporting three tiers client/server architecture configurations.

Backup Recovery System was specifically designed as a backup for all data within the architectural setup. During product development cycle, the Lockstep system will identify portions of the backup that need protection from unauthorized access.

CCTV Monitoring System is packaged with a complete solution for secured camera activities, inclusive of remote monitoring.

Computer Access System is specifically designed to log all access activities, using biometrics gears. Users are being informed on the effective utilization of biometrics tools.

Door Access System is implemented using specifics in biometrics, retina-scans, ID/Password for added security. Activities are logged in real-time to the main CPU ensuring effective monitoring. Logs can easily be generated thereafter.

Networking System offers 10Gbit Ethernet switch densities for Enterprises, ISPs and demanding backbones, including LAN, WAN and MAN. Empowered by EMGIT Co, it features the highly secured and guaranteed EMITC Operating System, which includes extensive security, multicast, and multi-protocol feature sets.

All EMGIT solutions and servers are unmatched and unparalleled. From certification programs, to hardware, software, policies, and solutions are professionally tailored for the requirements of each company.


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