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Fighting Spam – Are You Doing it the Right Way?

(PRWEB) November 11, 2004

The inherent flaw of many spam filters is that they do too little, too late. This category includes the desktop filters and many server based spam routing filters. They do not solve the problem of spam handling. The mail administrators see a huge mass of spam going through their mail server system every day. Just a few years ago an Exchange server on a Pentium III had no problem serving a few thousand users. Now companies with a few hundred users have dual CPU Xenon running exchange 2003 in their budget or already in place. What happened? Did the emails get larger or the number of them greater? No, it is the spam these servers carry in their mail storage. That 2003 server may flex more muscles but it does not offer a solution to the basic problem. The spam still enters the exchange mail storage and may linger there for a long time.

The solution is simple. Don’t let the spam get near your exchange server. Think about it. Your old Exchange 5.5 Box with 80% less mail. It would perform well just like in the old days. To get 60%-90% spam is common among U.S. organizations. Storing it in the Exchange mail store or the individual workstation just does not make sense. Not convinced? Did you ever consider how many feet of tape of your backup contain just spam? Just think about the hours you backup spam every day and how much a bigger tape drive is going to cost.

There are filters that stop spam before it gets to the Exchange or SMTP server. These filters, in general, use the XWall principal by sitting in front of your mail server and stopping the spam before it gets to your server. That makes a huge difference. A company with 100 employees can expect to process and store 100,000 emails a week. Blocking spam ahead of their Exchange is likely to reduce the number of messages to a mere 20,000 per week. Xwall is one of the most sophisticated filters in the industry for stopping spam ahead of your server. XWall operates independently of Exchange. No plug-ins, no modifications to your Exchange server. That makes it compatible with all versions of MS-Exchange and many other mail servers. Its many filters are highly effective and configurable to accommodate companies, schools and institutions with anywhere from 20 to 10,000 users.

Most people agree that stopping spam before it gets to the Exchange server is the way to do it. Some, however, worry about losing that one important email. Processing all the spam through exchange into the user's junk mail folder sounds like a solution, but it’s more likely that important email will be overlooked in the sea of spam. ESATInformer offers a solution . You can stop the spam ahead of your server and still let your users have access to messages labeled as spam. With XWall and ESATInformer, Exchange is not burdened with carrying the spam. Instead, Esatinformer can retrieve these messages by user request from the XWall archive. The archive keeps messages for a specified number of days, set entirely by you. The user gets a spam report, typically daily. The report lists the spam subject and from address by the level of spam content. The borderline spam is listed on top of the report. The heavy spam is on the bottom. Instead of having to look through 200 spam messages the typical power users may look at the first 10 to 15 subjects and flies over the rest saving valuable time while reducing errors to a minimum. If he sees something he likes to have a closer look at, one click sends a retrieve request which is automatically processed.

XWall and ESATInformer are effective tools in the fight against spam. Consultants and installers know the value of the server based approach, the low cost and unlimited user count these tools offer. The XWall/ESATInformer combo presents a complete spam solution to customers at an affordable price. Xwall and ESAT are widely used in large corporations, schools and universities. The spam control system can be directly purchased from Ceratec as software or as a preinstalled hardware solution in form of the XWallBox spam appliance. Ceratec also provides technical support by phone, email and forum. For more information, call us at (512) 285-2620 or visit the Ceratec websites at or

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