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Fastest Computers Now Up to 3800MHz at Michael’s Computers Since 1996

Marina Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) December 17, 2004

MX8 VIPER. Michael's Computers latest MX8 Viper system appeals to intelligent PC users who desire the absolute best in visual, speed and performance up to Pentium 4 3800MHz now.

CPU Scorecard can be seen at Michael's Computers ( providing a visual of all other processors.

Our Second Review on the MX8 Viper : I was in the market for a new computer. I came across Michaels computers and saw the MX8 Viper. First off I was immediately drawn to the design of the Viper. It is like nothing I have ever seen before. I wanted one immediately just by looking at it. Then when I found out what it comes with, I decided this was the computer for me. I was amazed at how fast I received it after ordering it. When I first turned it on, I was blown away by how fast it is. The colors and graphics are so bright and vivid. I had more than one window open and it still performed at the same speed. My MX8 viper is like nothing I have ever seen before. IT BLOWS AWAY ALL OTHER COMPUTERS!! I will never own another computer from anyone but Michael of Michaels computers. --K Finney, Pala, California

Every process from gaming to DVD-burning occurs rapidly and any business application is absolute blissful play. Better cooling keeps the MX8 Viper running effortlessly efficient and prolongs the lifespan of it's internal components.

PC users know that when setting up LAN gaming or simply transporting pc's, the typical computer is hard to carry. MX8 Viper with it's built in handles on top allow for the easiest transport possible.

The new MX8 VIPER is sure to astonish and awe any and all who walk in its path and already has taken off to Dodge fans in Michigan, United States!

Side by side any other computers, Michael's MX8 systems including the MX8 Viper outperforms the competition consistently. As seen in Maximum PC, Wall Street Journal and much more.

Latest Processor - Intel Pentium 4 3800MHz Processor with SSE3 Instruction set outperforms AMD and all Apple processors. Combined with Michael's MX8 SATA-X Hyperdrives up to 600GB, (more than 4X Faster than any other hard drives), Michael's Computers continue to be the world's only instant computer systems and most reliable with a rock solid 8 year warranty....there is no computer on the market that performs as best as the MX8 day in and day out. Compare to ANY system and you just won't find the speed or power better than in a Michael's Computers MX8.

ATI's PCI EXPRESS x800xt Video Card is IN! TWICE AS FAST AS 8X AGP! The X800xt video processor was designed to have a native 16 lane support, or “true” PCI Express interface. As a result it can communicate directly with the PCI Express bus at PCI Express speeds. Other graphics companies have cards that are compatible with PCI Express, but they are still only AGP cards that are “bridged” by a second chip to be physically compatible with PCI Express slots on the motherboard. And you NEED this human reality visual card! Graphics are ultra REAL!

"When someone hears about Michael's fastest computers they have to own one" - 1000's of clients worldwide voice the same after seeing a system from Michael's Computers. That's why those who use Michael's Computers are the only fortunate customers to experience near CLICK INSTANT performance. Outdated computers are those that when you click something, you have to wait for it to load to come on. All programs launch instantly on Michael's Computers MX8.

Michael's MX8 Tower continues to be the most powerful Desktop in the world. Featuring the NEW Intel 3800MHz Pentium 4 'E' processor, it outperforms it's nearest competition 12X faster than Apple's G5 Dual 2.5GHz!. Significantly faster due to Michael's integration of over 1024MB of PC4200 DDR Memory, SATA-X Hyper Drives, ATI's VERY latest X800xt Video or Nvidia's latest 6800 256MB DDR Video Card - Technology developed by Industrial Light and Magic (a George Lucas Company) or ATI's Radeon 256MB x800xt 16X PCI EXPRESS Video Card, SoundBlaster's Platinum Audigy ZX 108dB Soundboards (up to 7.1 Surround Sound), 16X DVD Re-Writeable, 52X CD-R's, and SO MUCH MORE!

"I can invite some of my friends to come check out my MX8 and see what it can do. I know they will be in awe. I surely was. Thanks again Michael for the incredible systems you build. This is the FASTEST production computer I ever had" --Darryll Patterson, Belle Glade, Florida

Michael's Computers invites you to stop by today and by simply asking, they will install an extra 512MB of PC4000 DDR MEMORY FREE!

There is never a point in buying a system, unless you have stellar software to run and show off the performance. Michael's Computers bundles top of the line software that makes computing more useful, productive and fun.

With the longest 8 year warranties in the business, world's only proven systems to load programs and run operations nearly instantly, best service and web posted benchmarks, Michael's Computers have personally proven to have manufactured the perfect computer system, both desktops and laptops, for the professional and gamer user.

United States Navy Sidewinder Missile Division in California - "We have computers from every company, and your MX Systems surpass every computer we have ever tested. Our technicians saw your latest systems and they practically drooled over them"

Where parts may be similar, side by side, no other computer can be as instant or as fast. Many wonder how this is possible? Simple explanation - Ever wonder how one V8 engine in a car can be beat by another manufactures V8 in another car? It's always the way a system is built and optimized that makes the total difference.

Who builds your system at Dell, Compaq, Gateway, HP, IBM, Alienware or any other company? Do you actually get to know the maker? Why do you think more people trust Michael's Computers?

About Michael's Computers

Michael's Computers, founded in 1996, is the world leader in design and manufacturing of the highest performance computer systems under the brand names MX8 (Previously MX7 which the MX stands for "Michael's Xtreme" and the number stands for years in warranty AND business). The company does 100 Percent business online and can be contacted by mail at 4712 Admiralty Way, Suite 359, Marina Del Rey, Ca 90292.

Michael's Computers have been designing world performance systems for Gamers, Web Designers, 3D Cad Designers, Law Offices, Realtors, Doctors, Movie Producers, Audio Enthusiasts and personal within the US Navy, US Air Force and US Marine Corp since 1996.

Michael's Computers systems are sold throughout the United States and also ship as far as Canada, Alaska, Ireland, Australia, Germany, UK and London.

Michael's Computers are sold exclusively online at

Owner: Mike J Gonzales

Company California/Worldwide


Michael's Computers

4712 Admiralty Way Suite 359

Marina Del Rey, Ca 90292


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