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Conceptomatics Announces the ConceptServer 1.00

(PRWEB) November 12, 2004

The ConceptServer is used as a fast text-processing back end for text mining, automatic categorization, text summarization, spidering, indexing, and agent-based applications.

"The ConceptServer lets organizations efficiently mine large volumes of textual data that previously may have been too costly to analyze in a timely manner," said Douglas Snead, Technical Vice President of Conceptomatics.

The ConceptServer rapidly processes asynchronous client requests to automatically classify and categorize textual data. The server replies are standard XML envelopes which detail categories assigned to the text. The categories may then be used as "tags" to augment full text indexing and other Information Retrieval (IR) tasks.

To classify text, the ConceptServer uses a thesaurus-like vocabulary known as a "Concept Dictionary." A "Concept Dictionary" is an XML document that details topic categories, key words and phrases associated with categories, as well as relationships between categories. For example, the key words "cannabis" and "THC" might index to the same concept.

The Conceptomatics ConceptServer typically processes anywhere from about 8 up to more than 40 news articles a second, depending on the size of the document to be examined, size of the Concept Dictionary used, CPU speed, and system load.

Several ConceptServer back end processors are currently running on pilot web sites, where they continuously processes textual data. Each ConceptServer uses a dictionary specialized for the client and for the topics desired.

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