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AValonRF Announces the Availability of Module A, a Micro MPEG4 Encoder Module

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 5, 2005

AValonRF, Inc., announces the immediate availability of it’s Micro MPEG4 Encoder module at AFCEA West Expo 2005 - February 1-3, 2005, San Diego, CA, USA, Booth 1451

The Micro MPEG4 Encoder Module is an advanced MJPEG/MPEG1 /MPEG2/MPEG4 video compression module. It includes a video & audio Codec, a video & audio pre-processor DSP with a real time clock and OSD, a video compression ASIC and a transport stream post compression DSP.

The MPEG4 Encoder chip used is the WISchip GO7007SB of WIS Technologies, which is a multi-format video encoder chip. The CCIR601/656 video is compressed into MPEG-1/2/4, MJPEG, H.263, or GoStream™ formats. The WISchip GO7007SB of provides perfect A/V synchronization; improved error resiliency for irregular H-sync and V-sync video sources, and employs a motion-adaptive de-interlacing scheme to ensure optimal video quality. Designed for multimedia PC, DVR/PVR, STB, video conferencing, surveillance, and MPEG-4 enabled DSC/DVC applications; the WISchip G07007SB takes image quality to a new level, while delivering D1/VGA streaming video at 30 fps.

Typical Applications for the module:

· Wireless video links

· Wireless UAV/UGV/USV links

· Wireless IP cameras (with TR430-3G/Module C)

· Digital Video Recorders

· In-Car Video Systems

Module A – MPEG4 Encoder Features are:

· NTSC/PAL video input with a maximum resolution of 720x480 at 30 frames/sec.

· Electret microphone input

· Video pre-compression processing

– Eliminate thermal camera noise

– Reduce camera/image jitter

– Electronic zoom

– Add time stamp + on-screen display

– Detect a no-change in image

· Video compression (user adjustable)

– Variable output data rate

– Variable frame rate

– Variable latency

· Camera PTZ controller output

· Small and low weight (60mm x 33mm, 14gram)

· Low cost

Module A Optional features:

· Real Time Clock with battery backup

· PTZ control

· Audio Electret microphone amplifier and 1.2W power amplifier

Our products for the Security and Military markets are:

Systems -

· V38R - Rugged daylight readable PDA with biometrics, 2D bar code scanner, camera, RFID, 200kbit/sec long range encrypted wireless link, GPS and two way audio. Runs Windows CE®.

· LC618 Wireless Lapel Camera and microphone

· HMPC-1.6 Miniature Wearable Computer with integrated wireless links and GPS. Runs Windows XP® Embedded

· Micro miniature UAV/UGV/USV wireless video, telemetry & control links

· TA4, TA8, TA12, TA16 Tracking Antenna system with no moving parts

Micro Miniature Modules:

· TR430-2G – 200Kbaud (optional 325Kbaud) long range, AES encrypted, 1W digital UHF transceiver with GPS and two way G.729 audio

· TR430-3G – 1.53Mbaud long range, AES encrypted, 1W digital UHF transceiver with GPS and two way G.729 audio

· Module A - MPEG 4 Encoder (Compression)

· Module D - MPEG 4 Decoder (Decompression)

· Module C - TCP/IP + USB 2.0 + IDE/ATA

· Module F – CPU, DRAM, AGP Display controller, 4.5GB HDD & WIFI/ZEGBEE/GSM/GPRS.

About AValon RF Inc.:

AValonRF designs and produces state-of-the-art wireless links that include receivers, transmitters, Wearable computers, In Car Video Systems, remote display units, DVRs, rugged wireless PDAs, Rugged PCs, No moving parts tracking Antennas, Wireless Microphones, Miniature MPEG 4 Encoders, Miniature MPEG4 Decoders and a variety of specialized antennas. Our intelligent true diversity technology provides broadcast quality interference-free video links over the frequency spectrum of 56MHz to 2.5GHz. A wireless link from Avalon RF is an affordable easy to install video solution with superior image quality.

AValonRF is a privately held company headquartered in El Cajon (San Diego). More information about AValonRF is available online at

AValonRF Contact:

Tommy Orpaz

Vice President, Business Development

AValonRF, Inc

San Diego, CA

(619) 401-1969

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