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Are you being Stalked?

(PRWEB) January 5, 2005

In a 1997 U.S. Department of Justice study*: About 1 million women are stalked annually

59% of the female stalking victims had been stalked by a current, former marital or cohabiting partner.

Stalkers spied on or followed about 75 percent of victims

In a 1976 report by the National Commission for the Review of Federal and State Laws Relating to Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance, nearly 80 percent of reported wiretapping matters involved an attempt by a spouse to obtain evidence for use against the other spouse in a domestic matter. Almost thirty years later spying in domestic situations has gone digital.

Estranged spouses now use Computer Spyware Activity Monitoring programs which have different options to capture screenshots, record all keystrokes typed, record email and chat sessions, websites visited, Instant messages and Passwords basically anything done on the computer will be recorded and stored in a file, sometimes encrypted and the more popular versions of this spyware software will email all of these results to a remote computer at scheduled days and times with all of this done in STEALTH mode without your knowledge. Making the detection of this software even more difficult, is that some of these programs can rename themselves and change their location at random or uninstall themselves at a preset time.

Angel Lee of El Mirage, Arizona was sentenced to 60 days home detention after pleading guilty to intercepting her husband’s ex wife emails at least 215 times.

Steven Paul Brown of Michigan was charged with four felony counts of using a computer to eavesdrop for installing the eblaster software on his estranged wife Patricia Brown’s computer.

Robert S. Douglas of Williston Pennsylvania was ordered to stand trial on charges that include unlawful use of a computer, access-device fraud and interception, and disclosure or use of electronic communications after he installed a computer monitoring program called Supersave on a computer he bought for his wife before their separation.

If you suspect computer monitoring spyware may be installed on your computer running an anti-spyware program can be one of the most effective ways to detect computer monitoring spyware, A major problem that arises is with the confusion caused when someone runs an anti spyware program and thinks their system is secure, unless you know the difference between adware/spyware and the more malicious keystroke logging and monitoring spyware, you may not be using the right software to scan your system.

Some of the most commonly used and popular programs to detect spyware are good at detecting adware/spyware but lack in ferreting out the more dangerous computer monitoring surveillance spyware used by estranged spouses.

Private Investigator Robert Pac performs Computer Spyware Detection Investigations using a combination of the latest Anti-Monitoring Spyware software, along with a physical search using his specialized knowledge to examine, locate, analyze and remove Computer Monitoring Surveillance Spyware devices from a Computer. If you can’t afford to hire a professional to perform a Computer Countermeasures Investigation to search for spyware, the best all around program to detect keystroke logging spyware is Spycop available from our website at

If you think you’re safe because you have an up to date anti virus software program, you checked the installed programs listing, add/remove category, standard start up area and tried pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your computer and nothing showed up, you still need to be careful because these programs are designed to be invisible to these methods.

Warning signs of Monitoring Spyware

Your computer has started to run slower. In Windows 2000/XP launching the task manager and clicking on the Performance tab reveals that your system is running using 100% of it’s CPU cycle by an unknown program.

Your hard drive space is being used up or you get a message that your virtual memory is low

When you try to run an anti monitoring spyware program it won’t run, crashes and shuts your computer down and/or giving an error message

Someone you know has intimate details of your private conversations

Someone you know, regularly just happens to bump into you at private places or events

Robert Pac a Massachusetts licensed Private Detective is the owner of InterTrace Investigations Group, which Specializes in Surveillance & Computer Spyware Countermeasures.

For more information on the different types of spyware in use today and to obtain anti-spyware programs visit our website at

Phone (413) 527-6990

*From: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs National Institute of Justice: "The Crime of Stalking: How Big Is the Problem?" by Patricia Tjaden. Published: November 1997


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