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Pulpo Media Releases (i)Hispanic Market & Media Intelligence Tool in Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

Silicon Valley, CA (PRWEB) September 30, 2013

Pulpo Media, the top-ranked digital Hispanic media solutions company, today announced that its ground-breaking Pulpo Planner Lite product will be available exclusively for trial during Hispanic Heritage Month, mid-September through mid-October, 2013. Trial offer begins on September 16th and ends on October 16th. Interested parties can access the free trial by signing up at:

The Pulpo Planner Lite product allows media professionals and advertisers to gain deep discernment of the online Hispanic – (i)Hispanic - market as it pertains to geographies, demographics, linguistics, and online platform preference - across acculturation levels.

Informed by its pioneering technical infrastructure, the Pulpo Planner Lite product makes multivariate data easily navigable and accessible via a simple graphical user interface – an interactive map. The solution empowers users to effortlessly pull valuable and actionable knowledge about the multifaceted Hispanic market, across multiple dimensions.

“Our innovative Pulpo Planner Lite product was developed in response to the needs of our customer base. This lite version of our robust Pulpo Planner solution allows advertisers to actively observe the dynamic (i)Hispanic market during Hispanic Heritage Month,” said Justin Kuykendall, CEO and founder of Pulpo Media. “By diving deeply into this prized consumer segment, marketers will gain valuable insights to inform more efficient marketing efforts that both reach AND touch the iHispanic.”

Marla Skiko, Executive Vice President, Director of Digital Innovation for SMG’s Multicultural Division, added: “Pulpo Planner Lite is a great new marketing and media tool that simplifies the process of accessing Hispanic market intelligence to give advertisers a more holistic view of the Hispanic consumer across digital channels.”

Dr. Jake Beniflah, Executive Director for The Center for Multicultural Science, confirmed: “Pulpo Planner Lite is one of the most comprehensive Hispanic market and media intelligence planning tools available today. It features an in-culture geo-demographic mapping tool, more than 20 key demographic variables based on the Census, and a robust acculturation model to help identify key segments of the U.S. multicultural population.” He added, “Pulpo Planner Lite drives real marketing program performance for leading brands, and delivers value for advertising agencies – turning every media planner into a multicultural media planning expert."

About Pulpo Planner Lite

Pulpo Planner Lite, a lighter version of Pulpo Media’s robust (i)Hispanic Media Planning Tool – Pulpo Planner, brings complex, multi-faceted (i)Hispanic consumer data to a user’s fingertips. The breadth and depth of the solution enables customers to speedily filter and process very rich data across the (i)Hispanic landscape – from national to local levels, with the ease of a click. By doing so, Pulpo Planner Lite demystifies the complex (i)Hispanic market and empowers media and marketing executives with actionable knowledge and insights to inform programs that drive greater relevance and improved ROI.

About Pulpo Media

Pulpo Media, the first comprehensive (i)Hispanic media solutions provider, employs world class proprietary technology for advertisers to better reach, and personally connect to, the online Hispanic consumer -- at every stage of acculturation and across all digital platforms. Pulpo Media combines its top ranked media offering with hyper-relevant segmentation, authentic (1:1) messaging, and in-depth analytics to drive campaign ROI and brand engagement, among the influential (i)Hispanic. This holistic solution empowers advertisers to more efficiently and effectively drive mind and market share gains across the total Hispanic market. Based in Silicon Valley, CA, Pulpo Media is privately held.

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