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Global Plastic Films Industry Report

London (PRWEB) September 24, 2013

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Plastic Films in Thousand Tons and US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Polyethylene Films {High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Films, Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Films, & Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Films)}, Polypropylene Films {Oriented Polypropylene Films (OPP) Films}, Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Films, & Non-Oriented Propylene (Non-OPP) Films}, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Films, and High Performance Films {Nylon Films, Polyester/Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Films, & Other High Performance Films).

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World.

Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for these markets.

The report profiles 494 companies including many key and niche players such as Achilles Corporation, AEP Industries Inc., AET, Inc., Bemis Company, Inc., Berry Plastics Corporation, British Polythene Industries PLC, DuPont Teijin Films, ExxonMobil Chemicals, Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd., FSPG HI-TECH CO. LTD., Garware Polyester Limited, H.S. Industries Co., Ltd., Innovia Films, Inteplast Group, Ltd., Nylex (Malaysia) Berhad, Okura Industrial Co., Ltd., Paragon Films, Inc., Polyplex Corporation Ltd., PT Trias Sentosa TBK, PT Argha Karya Prima Industry Tbk, Reynolds Flexible Packaging, Rheinische Kunststoffwerke (RKW) AG, Quinn Plastics NV, SABIC Innovative Plastics, SABIC Polymershapes, Sealed Air Corporation, SINOPEC Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Spartech Corporation, Sumitomo Bakelite Company Limited, Toray Plastics (America), Inc., Toyobo Company Ltd., Treofan Group, Trioplast Industrier AB, Unitika Ltd., and Vibac Group.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information including company URLs.


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1

Disclaimers I-2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3

Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3

Overview of Select Product Segments I-3

Polyethylene Films I-3

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Films I-3

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Films I-4

Polypropylene Films I-4

Oriented Polypropylene Films (OPP) Films I-4

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Films I-4

Non-Oriented Propylene (Non-OPP) Films I-4

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Films I-4

High Performance Films I-5

Polyester/Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Films I-5

Nylon Films I-5

Other High Performance Films I-5



Market Overview II-1

Current & Future Analysis II-2

Tracking the Market Upheavals II-2

Competition II-4


Eco-friendly (Bio-Degradable) Films In-Vogue II-5

PVA Films: A Promising Market for Plastic Films II-6

Middle East: The New Haven for Plastics II-6

Trend Towards Combined Portfolio II-6

BOPP Films Amass Popularity II-7

Emerging Market for Optical PET Films II-7

Table 1: Global PET Films Market by Type: Percentage

Breakdown of Annual Sales for 2008, 2013 and 2016 (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) II-8

Constricted Future Investments in BOPET Sector II-8

Release Liner - A Growing End-Use Market for Films II-9

Cast PP - A Major Threat to BOPP Film II-9

Second Generation LLDPE Products: Substitute for Plastics in Film II-9

‘Plasticulture’ - Gaining Prominence? II-10

Rising Raw Material Costs Hamper Growth II-10

Plastic Labels Offer New Window of Opportunity II-11

Asia Turns Into Battleground for PET Film Players II-11

Table 2: Worldwide Leading PET Film Manufacturers by Volume

(2012): Percentage Breakdown for DuPont Teijin, Toray,

Mitsubishi, SKC, Kolon Industries, Jindal and Others

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-12

Table 3: Worldwide Leading Optical PET Manufacturers (2012):

Percentage Breakdown for Toray Advanced Materials, SKC, Kolon

and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-12

Japanese PET Film Makers Focus on Solar Cells and Other

Potential Markets II-12


Polyethylene II-13

The Building Block II-13

Low Density Polyethylene: A Major Type of Polyethylene II-13

Table 4: Global Polyethylene Market by End Use (2012):

Percentage Breakdown of Sales for Film and Sheet, Injection

Molding, Blow Molding, Pipe and Profile, Extrusion Coating

and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-14

LLDPE: A High Growth Market II-14

Table 5: Global LLDPE Market by End Use (2012): Percentage

Breakdown of Sales for Film and Sheet, Injection Molding,

Rotomolding, Pipe and Extrusion and Others (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) II-14

High Density Polyethylene II-14

HDPE: An Extensively Used Plastic II-15

Table 6: Global HDPE Market by End-Use (2012): Percentage

Breakdown of Sales for Blow Molding, Film and Sheet,

Injection Molding, Pipe and Extrusion and Others (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) II-15

Technology Scraps Process-Based Distinction Between HDPE and


Polypropylene II-16

Global Polypropylene Market - Demand Trends II-16

Table 7: Global PP Market (2010): Percentage Breakdown of

Volume Sales by End-Use Segment (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) II-16

Polypropylene Films II-16

BOPP Film - A High Growth Segment II-17

Table 8: Leading Players in the Global BOPP Films Market

(2012): Percentage Breakdown of Volume Production for Jindal

Polyfilms, Formosa Plastics Group, Taghleef, Treofan and

Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-18

Table 9: Global BOPP Films Market by End-Use (2012):

Percentage Breakdown of Sales for Adhesive Tapes, Bakery

Items, Pasta and Noodles, Confectionary, Tobacco and Others

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-18

BOPP Suffers Reduced Demand II-19

BOPA Films Reflect Potential for Growth II-19

Growing Influence of Asian Producers II-19

OPP Films II-20

Non-OPP/CPP Films II-20

Major End-Use Applications of CPP Films II-21

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) II-22

Table 10: World Per Capita Consumption of PVC (2011):

Breakdown by Select Country/Region (In kilograms) (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) II-22

Table 11: Leading PVC Producing Regions by Capacity (2011):

Percentage Breakdown by Volume for Asia, North America,

Europe, Latin America and Rest of World (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) II-22

Table 12: Global Polyvinyl Chloride Demand by End Use (2012):

Percentage Breakdown for Pipe and Fittings, Profiles and

Tubes, Film and Sheet, Wire and Cable, Bottles and Others

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-22

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Film II-23

Film Applications II-23

High Performance Films II-23

General Properties of High-Performance Films II-24

US - The Largest Market II-24

Polyimide films to Register Strong Growth II-25


Production Processes II-26

Extrusion II-26

Extrusion Coating II-26

Coextrusion II-26

Calendering II-26

Applications of Plastic Films II-26

Customizing Films Packaging II-27

Benefits of Plastic Films II-27

Protection II-27

Convenience II-27

Information II-28

Versatility II-28

Environmental Advantages II-28

Lower Resource Utilization II-28

High Stable, Safe and Inert II-28

Benefits of Plastic Films to Horticulture and Agriculture

Sectors II-28

Waste Minimization/Source Reduction II-29

Landfilling II-29

Combustion II-29

Recycling II-30


Growth Prospects II-31

Limitations II-31

Recycling Hurdles II-32

Effective Diversion and Consolidation of Materials that are

Recovered II-32

Facility for Separating Similar Materials II-32

Capability of Eliminating Contaminants II-32

Collection for Reprocessing II-33

Source-Segregated Films II-33

Manufacturing Film Waste II-33

End Use Applications for Recycled Plastic Films II-33

Plastic Production and Re-claimer Markets II-33

Plastic Lumber Goods II-33

Composites Production II-34


Development of the Plastic Industry: A Historical PurviewII-35

The Early Period II-35

World War II Era II-35

Postwar Period II-35

An Overview of Manufacturing Processes & their Classification II-35

Monomer & Polymer Mechanics II-35

Classification of Plastics II-35

Based on the Construction Process II-35

Based on its Ability to Crystallize II-36

Based on their Moldability II-36

Properties of Plastics II-36

Molecular Weight II-36

Mechanical Properties II-37

Electrical Properties II-37

Optical Properties II-37

Wear Properties II-37

Processing of Plastics II-37

Injection Molding II-38

Extrusion II-38

Blow Molding II-38

Thermoforming II-38

Calendering II-38

Casting II-38

Formed by Petroleum-Derived Monomers and Polymers II-38

Application Areas II-39

In Construction II-39

In Electronics II-39

Plastics in Wire and Cable II-40

In Medical Industry II-40

Plastics in Automotive Sector II-40

Plastics in Cosmetics II-40


Trioplast to Invest in New Production Equipment and Automation II-41

Toyobo Develops COSMOSHINE® Optical Film II-41

Holfeld Plastics Obtains EFSA Approval for Diamat Technology

for Decontamination Process II-41

TMI Develops Low Cohesion PVC Formula II-41

PolyOne Takes Over Spartech II-42

Jindal Poly Films Takes Over BOPP Films Operations of

ExxonMobil Chemical II-42

Pregis Acquires Surface Guard II-42

Tesco Collaborates with Paragon Print & Packaging to Develop

Packaging Film for Asparagus II-43

Toray Industries to Extend Food Packaging Film Production

Capacity in Asia II-43

Cosmo Films Establishes Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film

Production Facility II-43

Toray Advanced Film Establishes Surface Protection Film

Manufacturing Unit in Taiwan II-43

Quinn Plastics Expands QUINN LENTICULAR Product Line II-44

Bemis Announces Expansion of PE Operations II-44

DuPont Teijin Films Selects MULTIVAC as Exclusive Distributor

of MYLAR® BAKE and MYLAR® COOK Films II-44

SPC Plastics Division Announces Pilot Production of Special

Polyethylene Material for Use in Microfiber Leather II-45

Inteplast Group Acquires Pitt Plastics II-45

Alce Nero Selects NatureFlexTM Packaging Film of Innovia Films

as Packaging Solution for Fair Trade Chocolate Range II-45

Charter Films and NEX Performance Films Merge II-45

SABIC to Establish New Lexan Multiwall Sheet Production Line

in Vadodara II-46

Yparex Develops New Adhesive Tie Layer for Multilayer

Packaging Films II-46

IMRE in Association with ICON Introduces Nanoimprinted Plastic

Films II-46

Eight19 Develops Thin Film Plastic Solar Cells II-47

Toyobo Develops CycleCleanTM Range of PET Films with 12µm

Thickness II-47

Mitsubishi Plastics Develops PVC Stretch Film II-47

Petoskey Plastics to Expand Packaging Facilities in US II-47

AEP Industries and AEP Canada Take Over Films Operations of

Transco Plastics Industries II-47

Scientex and GW Plastics Holdings Ink Agreement II-48

Max India Divests BOPP Film Business to Treofan Germany II-48

Lanxess Acquires Bond-Laminates II-48

Redox Inks Agreement to Acquire Bribros II-49

Eastman Chemical Takes Over Solutia II-49

ISO Poly Films to Install VAREX Blown Film Lines of

Windmoeller&Hoelscher II-49

Uniscite to Set Up BOPP Film Manufacturing Facility in Laurens

County II-50

Masterpak Starts FFS Film Production in Lebanon II-50

Opp Film Buys BOPET Film Production Line II-50

Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello Establishes Joint Venture with SCG

Chemicals in Thailand II-51

Ferrero Chooses PropafilmTM OS Shrink Tightening BOPP

Substrate of Innovia Films II-51

BPI Installs Co-Extrusion Line at Manufacturing Plant in UK II-51

Uflex Commences Polyester Pacakaging Film Production at BOPET

Film Manufacturing Facility in Poland II-51

Taghleef Industries Takes Over Applied Extrusion Technologies II-51

CCL Industries and ACG Pharmapack Ink Distribution Agreement II-52

Taghleef Industries Installs New BOPP Range in Egypt II-52

DuPont Hongji Films Foshan to Increase Manufacturing Capacity II-52

SABIC Launches Lexan SC92E Flexible Hard-Coated Film and Lexan

SDCX Co-Extruded Film II-53

Polyplex Selects O'Neal for Designing New Grassroots Thin-Film

Polyester Plant in Alabama II-53

Innovia Films Announces Conformity of Nature FlexTM Packaging

Film to Australian AS4736 Standard for Biodegradable Plastics II-53

AEP Industries Acquires Webster Industries II-54

Manuli Stretch USA and Paragon Films Ink License Agreement II-54

IndopolySwakarsa Industry to Expand Production Capacity II-54

ReifenhäuserKiefel Extrusion Secures Contract for Evolution 3

-Layer Blown Film Range from Exopack II-54

Biosphere Establishes Polyethylene Films and Waste Sack

Production Plant in Belgorod, Russia II-55

Mitsubishi Polyester Film Commences Upgradation of Polyester

Film Facility II-55

Toppan Printing Develops PE Film Utilizing Biomass PE for

Packaging II-55

Sigma Plastics Group to Add 5-Layer VAREX Blown Film Line at

Nashville Facility II-55

Uflex Installs AL-OX Coater Line for Packaging Films in Egypt II-56

SRF to Establish Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film

Facility in South Africa II-56

ACG Worldwide to Double Manufacturing Capacity II-56

DuPont Teijin Films Inks Global Joint Venture Partnership with

E.I. du Pont de Nemours to Consolidate PET Film Production II-56

Simcheng Plastics Machinery to Establish Production Plant II-57

Biaxplen Group Establishes Production Lines to Manufacture New

Coextruded Polyolefin Packaging Film Variants in Russia II-57

Ester Industries Establishes Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene

Terepthalate Film Facility II-57

Daelim to Establish Extrusion Plant for BOPP Film in South Korea II-57

KlöcknerPentaplast Establishes New Center of Excellence II-58

Polyplex Thailand Public to Establish PET-Thick Line in Thailand II-58

Sigma Plastics Group and ISO Poly Films Enter into Strategic

Partnership II-58

Tredegar Film Products Takes Over Terphane II-58

Pregis Inks Definitive Purchase Agreement with Sun European

Partners to Divest Kobusch-Sengewald Business Unit II-58

Berry Plastics Takes Over Filmco of LINPAC USA Holdings II-59

Achilles USA Establishes Plastic Film Manufacturing Facility II-59

Sudpack Medica Enters into Exclusive Agreement with SSB II-59

Sigmaplast Enters into Partnership with Bruckner to Start BOPP

Film Manufacturing Line in Ecuador II-60

Cambrios Technologies Inks Agreement to Offer CambriosClearOhm

Coating Materials to Toray Advanced Film II-60

Inteplast Group to Expand Stretch Film Production Capacity II-60

Astro Plastics Commences work on Establishment of Pakistan’s

First Polyester Film Plant II-60

Toray Inaugurates BOPP Plant in France II-61

Mason Wells Purchases Appleton’s Performance Packaging Unit II-61

Bilcare to Acquire Ineos Films Division II-61

Biaksplen to Increase BOPP Capacity II-61

Cosmo Films to Enhance BOPP Films Capacity at Vadodara Facility II-61

Hornschuch Takes Over O'Sullivan Films II-61

XIL Begins Production at Ranjangaon Unit II-62

Danafilms Doubles Franklin Facility II-62

TonenGeneral and Toray Receive Approval to Form Joint Venture II-62

Momentive Extends Collaboration with ChemPoint II-62

Dow Chemical to Expand Specialty Plastic Film Production

Capacity for Use in Solar Modules II-63

RMS Packaging Inks Definitive Agreement to Take Over Aurora

Iridescent Film Assets II-63

Sigma Plastics Acquires Majority Stake in McNeely Plastic

Products II-63

Taghleef Inaugurates US Office II-64

Berry Plastics Acquires Superfos Packaging II-64

Berry Plastics Takes Over Pliant II-64

Clondalkin Announces Cleveland Plastic Films Acquisition II-64

Toray Industries Enters into a 50:50 Joint Venture Partnership

with TonenGeneral Sekiyu II-65

Cosmo Films Takes Over GBC Commercial Print Finishing Business

from ACCO II-65

Braskem Signs Agreement with Acinplas for Green PE Supply II-65

Interfilm Holdings and NanoPack Sign Agreement for Layered

Barrier Films Distribution II-65

Exopack and Indevco Group Forms Joint Venture for Polyethylene

Film II-66

A Schulman Establishes New Plastic Additives Production Plant II-66


Integrated Packaging Group Develops Degradable PE Film II-67

Toray Plastics Introduces Torayfan MWX6 Biaxially Oriented

Polypropylene Film II-67


Sealed Air Unveils Cryovac® CT-312E Shrink Film II-67

Bixby International Launches BixFormTHiMod Moldable Plastic Sheet II-68

ACG Pharmapack Introduces Bio-D PVC Film II-68

Emco Industrial Plastics Launches Ultra Polished PVC Film II-68

Total Unveils LumiceneSupertough 32ST05 Film Material II-69

Braskem Introduces Low-Density Polyethylene Resin Range II-69

Cortec Rolls Out Cor-Pak VpCI Stretch Film II-69

SABIC Unveils SABIC® LDPE 2801TH00W Resin II-69

PolydenFolien Introduces New Range of Sustainable Packaging

Films in Collaboration with Carda Bioplastics II-70

Pistol & Burnes Launches Compostable Pack Using NatureFlexTM

Film from Innovia Films II-70

Klöckner Pentaplast Introduces Pentamed® High-Impact

Polystyrene Films II-70

Toray Plastics Launches Heat-Sealable BOPP Film II-71

Berry Plastics Launches Polyken® 36H Aerospace Tape II-71

VerDeSoft Introduces Breadbox Prototype Pack Incorporating

NatureFlexTM Film by Innovia Films II-72

Amcor Flexibles Introduces Amcor Light Films Range II-72

KlöcknerPentaplast Unveils Pentaform® SmartCycle® TH-ES100 Films II-72

Berry Plastics Group Launches 3537A Flexible Film Tape II-73

ExxonMobil Chemical Launches MetallyteTM 70 MET-HB2 Film II-73

ExxonMobil Chemical Rolls Out BicorTM 18 MAT-S OPP Film II-73

Berry Plastics Introduces Polyken® 1111 Carpet Tape II-74

Teknor Apex Rolls Out MF-165-J3R-79NT PVC Films Range for

Medical Applications II-74

ExxonMobil Chemical Launches Label-Lyte 50ML580 OPP Film II-74

Tipa Launches Biodegradable Packaging Films II-75

McCullagh Coffee Unveils Compostable Ecoverde Coffee Packs

Incorporating NatureFlexTM Film of Innovia Films II-75

Shadow Plastics Launches New Family of Glow Plastic Bags and

Films II-75

CarestreamTollcoating Launches New PET Films for Challenging

Applications II-75

ExxonMobil Chemical Launches Bicor MB866 OPP Film II-76

BASF Launches Thin Packaging Film II-76

Safetek International Introduces Safetek Professional Food

Service Film II-76

Linpac Packaging Introduces PP Films II-76

Specialty Minerals Introduces Antiblock Additives for Plastic

Bags and Films II-77

Eastman Chemical Company Unveils Light-blocking Resin II-77

bpi.stretchfilms Introduces Bontite Blown Pallet Stretchwrap Line II-77

Toray Launches Lumirror® U65V UV-Stabilized Polyester Film II-78

Innovia Films to Unveil BOPP Film for Returnable Beverage Market II-78

National Flexible Rolls Out Anti-Bacterial Packaging Film II-78

Toray Plastics (America) Launches Torayfan clear-Barrier

Polypropylene Films II-79

Polythene UK Rolls Out Advanced Cast Machine Stretch Film II-79

Bollore Unveils New Line of Ultra-Thin Polyolefin Shrink Films II-79

ISC Salesmaster and Sealed Air to Launch Opti Shrink Films for

Packaging II-79

Caledon Controls Rolls out CLEAR Conductive PET film II-80

EnerPlastics Introduces EP OBD Biodegradable Additive Package II-80

Duo Plast Launches DDK Stretch Film for Packaging Application II-80

Toray Plastics Introduces New Heat-Sealable BOPP Film II-80

Kabra Gloucester Engineering Introduces New Film Production Line II-81

Innovia Films Launches RayofaceTM NB Films Line II-81

Tekra Launches Colorful Dura-Go® PVC Films II-81

Toray Plastics Unveils Lumirror FA6 PET Film II-82

Manuli Stretch Rolls Out Manulock Packaging Film II-82

Manuli Stretch Releases Manuessence Pre-Stretched Film II-82

Duo Plast Introduces New Duo Food Contact Stretch Film II-82

Multi-Plastics Introduces Biodegradable EnviroSafe EWF® 22DG

Polystyrene Envelope Window Film II-82

Telles to Unveil New Mirel P5001 Commercial Film Grade II-82

KlöcknerPentaplast Introduces Pentapharm ACLAR PA600/02

Barrier Films II-83

Displax Develops ‘Multitouch Skin’ Plastic Film II-83

BASF Develops New Plastic Film for Applications in

Pharmaceuticals Sector II-84

Toray Plastics Introduces Torayfan TreaTear PP Sealant Films II-84

Innovia Introduces Biodegradable NatureFlex Film II-84

Consortium Develops Flexible LCDs by Using Plastic Film II-84

WACKER Develops TECTOSIL® for Encapsulation of Photovoltaic

Components II-85

Norner Installs Hosokawa’s MDO Line to Develop Plastic Films

for Flexible Packaging II-86

Bayer Develops New Coating for Mobile Handsets and Electronics II-86

Seal Graphics Rolls Out Print Shield Crystal Lite II-86


Achilles Corporation (Japan) II-87

AEP Industries, Inc. (USA) II-87

AmTopp (USA) II-87

Bemis Company, Inc. (USA) II-88

Berry Plastics Corporation (USA) II-88

British Polythene Industries PLC (UK) II-89

DuPont Teijin Films (USA) II-89

ExxonMobil Chemicals (USA) II-90


Garware Polyester Limited (India) II-90

Innovia Films Limited (UK) II-91

Inteplast Group, Ltd. (USA) II-91

Jindal Poly Films Ltd (India) II-91

LyondellBasell Industries NV (The Netherlands) II-92

Nylex (Malaysia) Berhad II-92

Paragon Films, Inc. (USA) II-92

PolyOne Corporation (US) II-93

PT Trias Sentosa Tbk (Indonesia) II-93

PT Argha Karya Prima Industry Tbk (Indonesia) II-93

Rheinische Kunststoffwerke (RKW) AG (Germany) II-94

Quinn Plastics NV (Ireland) II-94

SABIC Innovative Plastics (USA) II-95

Sealed Air Corporation (USA) II-95

Sumitomo Bakelite Company Limited (Japan) II-96

Taghleef Industries, Inc. (USA) II-96

Toray Plastics (America), Inc. (USA) II-96

Toyobo Company Ltd. (Japan) II-97

Treofan Group (Germany) II-97

Trioplast Industrier AB (Sweden) II-97

Uflex Ltd. (Indi

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Global Plastic Films Industry

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