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DAYMAK is Launching Its New Electric Bicycles the “Super Ebike” and is Giving Away Free Electric Scooters

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) July 26, 2005

DAYMAK is launching its new electric bicycles the “Super Ebike” and is giving away free electric scooters.

Daymak is launching the “Super Ebike” one of the most powerful electric ebike ever developed and is giving away 10 Daymak electric scooters, including a Lightning, a BoomerBuggy, a Beat and a B.A.M. ebike. To enter just send an email to, subject “DAYMAK CONTEST” with your full name and phone number. A draw will be made September 30, 2005.

“There are better ways to travel around the city and neighborhoods”, says Yeg Baiocchi, general manager. “There are electric scooters, mobility scooters and electric bicycles, all environmentally friendly green vehicles, some of which range up to 100kms on a single charge which costs only 20 cents. We are giving away 10 electric scooters to show alternative means of transportation.“

Our latest model the Super Ebike has a range of up to 100km. The cost of charging the batteries is less than 20 cents per charge. It features brake lights, signals, horn, EABS (electric assist brake system), 15 degrees climbing ability and the most advanced brushless CPU motor. The ebike is street legal with insurance, plates and “G” license. Price ranges from $ 1499 - $ 1599 depending on the battery size.

While mobility scooters are allowed to cross streets and on sidewalks, electric bicycles are not legal on the street without insurance and a driver’s license. Transport Canada standards suggest that certain vehicles should be roadworthy if they meet certain criteria but it’s up to individual provinces to adopt the standards. Quebec and BC have already adopted the standards, Ontario hasn’t. Daymak’s products meet or exceed the Transport Canada standards. In most of the world, electric bicycles are allowed on the street without insurance.

Ontario has very strict regulations concerning electric bicycles which makes it almost impossible for riders to get them on the road.

According to Ms. Baiocchi: “It doesn’t make sense that a regular bicycle is allowed on the street without insurance or driver’s license which can go as fast as you pedal, reaching 35km/h+, while an electric bicycle reaching 25km/h can’t”. This concern is shared by most of Daymak’s clients who love the idea of riding an electric bike or scooter to work rather than driving or depending on the TTC, and with the gas prices reaching all time highs, more and more people are turning to alternative ways of transportation.

Again, to enter the contest please send an email to, subject “DAYMAK CONTEST” with your full name and phone number a draw will be made September 30, 2005 or visit our website for more information.

For further information contact: Yeg Baiocchi Tel, 416-749-2324 x111 Fax.416-749-3424

Daymak Inc. imports, distributes, and develops alternative-power transportation devices. Daymak is driven by a mission to develop and sell fun and innovative transportation solutions. We have a full range of products from electric scooters, electric bicycles, pocket racers, atvs and dirt bikes. Our long-term goal is to develop and sell electric motorcycles and electric cars. Daymak’s 's headquarters are in Toronto, Canada. Daymak’s products can be purchased at several dealers around the country or by calling 1-866-379-7779. For additional information about Daymak or to find dealer locations, please visit


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