TeselaGen and Transcriptic to Partner on Biological Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Integration

San Francisco and Menlo Park, California (PRWEB) November 15, 2013

TeselaGen (http://www.teselagen.com) and Transcriptic (http://www.transcriptic.com) have announced a strategic partnership to advance the integration of computer-aided design with computer-aided manufacturing for biology. The two companies will work together to build a seamless experience for scientists to manage, design, assemble, and test biomolecules in an easy and cost-effective way. Initially, the companies will focus on automated assembly of complex DNA and protein expression libraries of importance to their customers. This will allow scientists to engineer cells to more efficiently carry out desirable operations, such as producing medications and chemicals.

TeselaGen will offer its state of the art computer aided design and manufacturing platform for rapid prototyping of biomolecules. User requests are turned into cost-optimized protocols automatically, which can then be delivered to vendors who can fulfill those requests. Transcriptic will open its new groundbreaking API for laboratory services to TeselaGen so that automatically generated protocols can be transmitted directly to Transcriptic for execution.

The integration of TeselaGen’s cloud based BioCAD platform with Transcriptic’s BioCAM platform will offer clients a comprehensive design, build and test experience, with data flowing freely between the two platforms so that both the design and manufacturing sides of the process can learn from test data and improve processes and designs. For example, data from Transcriptic’s QC assays can feed back to TeselaGen’s design tools where the request was generated and where the data is most useful and relevant to customers.

“Transcriptic’s vision of creating an API for the lab dovetails perfectly with what are trying to accomplish at TeselaGen. We are very focused on improving our customers experience with getting molecules built and tested quickly,” said Michael Fero, CEO, TeselaGen. “Among our clients are many small startups and individual researchers who are already benefiting from being able to use our tools instead of having to build expensive in-house capabilities. Now, we find that much bigger customers are also looking to exploit a more cloud-based model for biomolecule R&D. We believe that in the future we will see more customers moving not only their IT infrastructure to the cloud, but also execution of complex R&D workflows as well. The current practice of using form-based input disconnected from design tools is archaic. We feel our users should have the same sort of seamless design/build/test experience as our colleagues in the electronic design industry. Transcriptic’s vision of creating an efficient service model for common laboratory processes fits well with our vision of being able to do entire experiments in the cloud… with complex requests going out, and comprehensive results coming back, as quickly as physical possible with minimum human intervention.”

“TeselaGen’s experience and capabilities in automated biomolecule design make them a good partner for building on the advanced execution platform that we’ve built,“ said Max Hodak, CEO, Transcriptic. “The markets TeselaGen serves are same ones that we do. The problems we solve are complementary, and by partnering with TeselaGen we can provide our customers with a more complete design to delivery experience. One of our imperatives this year is to find good strategic partners that can complement our business model and begin feeding our request fulfillment pipeline. TeselaGen is a great partner because they understand what we are trying to accomplish for our customers and can work closely with us to give us the information we need in a seamless fashion.”

About Transcriptic

Transcriptic is a privately held company based in Menlo Park, CA. The company owns and operates a robotic laboratory infrastructure as a service so that scientists can spend less time at the bench and more time on the creative aspects of their research. Transcriptic Platform is the world’s first Application Programming Interface for biology, with capabilities ranging from DNA synthesis to running complex assays. Transcriptic’s customers include labs at Stanford, Caltech, UC San Diego, the University of Chicago, and several unannounced companies in industry. http://www.transcriptic.com

About TeselaGen

TeselaGen is a synthetic biology platform that enables the development of viral constructs, biologic medicines, and sustainably sourced chemicals. TeselaGen is privately held and is based in San Francisco, CA. Recently founded by three former Stanford fellows and housed at the QB3 incubator at UCSF, the company has received early recognition in the form of two US National Science Foundation grants, a US Department of Energy grant and a Bio-IT World Best Practices Award. TeselaGen uses its proprietary Synthetic Evolution® technology for efficient rapid prototyping of recombinant molecules. The company’s customers that are helping validate its approach include Amgen (USA), Genomatica (USA), and Redbiotec (Switzerland).     http://www.teselagen.com

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