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Playstation 4 Black Friday PS4 Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2013 at

(PRWEB) November 29, 2013

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming soon, and people should have in mind that they should buy the products they want at times like these. Due to the high demand of the new Playstation 4, it would be best to order it at the holidays, since that way people could get low price offers and deals. is a website in which you can find affordable offers and special deals for Playstation 4.

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The eighth generation console which Sony will release is rumored to be an astonishing piece of machinery, although not all of the details around Playstation 4’s specifications have yet been revealed.

In order to ease and make it cheaper for developers to create games for the new Playstation 4, Sony will use hardware similar to that in personal computers.

The CPU of the new Playstation 4 containing two quad-core modules, the 18 computing unit GPU and the 8 GB of RAM are only a few of the many hardware parts which will make the console extremely fast and sufficient in performance.

Connectivity of the new Playstation 4 with outer devices and the web won’t be a problem. Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, as well as Bluetooth features and USB 3.0 ports will enlarge the array of capabilities the console will have.

An innovative feature which will be later on implemented in the new Playstation 4 is the so called Suspend Mode. That will allow users to put the console to sleep thus lowering the power usage to minimum, and after it exits that state any game that has been undergoing before will be immediately resumed.

The Dualshock 4 controllers will feature a small touch pad on their front which will enlarge the actions a Playstation 4 user has, also a micro-USB port and a standard 3.5’’ jack allowing a headset for speaking and listening will be installed. Motion detection will be supported via the gyroscope and the accelerometer within.

The Playstation 4 Eye is a feature consisting on a device with two cameras, providing the ability to control games and other applications through movement caught with the motion detection system.

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