Multapplied Networks Announces Major Advancement of its Network Bonding Service

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) November 14, 2013

Responding to requests from its global network of distribution and implementation partners as well as from prospective partners, Multapplied Networks today announced that its development team has completed and released a major enhancement of its network bonding technology that removes any single-point-of-failure for customer networks.

About the Service:

Bonded Internet™ – the world’s fastest-growing advanced bonding service – allows customers of participating service providers to increase both network performance and resilience by combining the bandwidth of multiple Internet connections.

The Bonded Internet™ service, delivered by ISPs and other Managed Services providers globally, is made up of two key components. The service provider installs a network appliance (CPE) at the customer location and an “aggregation” server in their core infrastructure. The new software release allows partners to assign to their customers an alternate aggregation server to use in the event of a core disruption.

About the Release:

Targeted to fill gaps in the marketplace, this latest release provides reassurance to Multapplied’s channel partners that their Bonded Internet™ clients can compute-through a severe network disruption at their core. “After Hurricane Sandy, we realized we needed to move this feature’s development up the list,” said Multapplied’s President Johan Arnet, explaining the timely necessity of the release. “Anyone building or selling a network service has to include measures for business continuity; customers demand it. As ISPs and Cloud Service Providers offer more mission-critical applications – and as more and more customers rely on the availability of those applications – disaster-proofing your network becomes a basic necessity.”

With the latest release, end-user network appliances are now assigned a secondary Aggregation server to which Bonded Internet network sessions will automatically be rerouted in the event of a core outage at the site of the first aggregation server. Secondary aggregation servers can be in the same point-of-presence or strategically placed in other geographies. “The failover between aggregation servers occurs immediately once predefined triggers are hit. Downtime – that is, the time before the system automatically deems the aggregation server as being off-line – can be customized by the service providers who may have differing tolerance thresholds for an off-line core component.”

This latest release is the fifth major improvement of the year for Multapplied Networks’ Bonded Internet technology. Previously releases included improved partner web management, scalability improvements, and major CPE performance increases that drastically reduce dollar-to-throughput ratios for a broad range of hardware. The company has seen significant adoption of their technology since the public launch of their product in October of 2012.

About Multapplied Networks

Multapplied Networks is a network software developer with the vision of delivering cost-effective network products that multiply internet performance for corporate networks around the world. Our Bonded Internet™ software service combines the bandwidth of multiple Internet/access connections to provide customers with faster, more reliable networks. Bonded Internet™ is currently offered through distribution and implementation partners operating in Europe, Australia, and North America. The company began developing and deploying Bonded Internet™ in 2008. Since rebranding as Multapplied Networks in October of 2012, the company has become the leader in the category.

For more information on the service, please visit:

Service Providers looking to offer Bonded Internet™ to their customers are asked to contact Multapplied’s sales department at 866-578-6957.

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