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Spark>Experience Design Award is Launched World’s First

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

"The Spark team is proud to launch yet another, unique design competitionour 7th," said Spark Director, Peter Kuchnicki. "This relatively new discipline goes under several names, like Service Design, UE and Experience Design. It concerns designing and improving the customer experience, from the beginning of the development cycle through design, manufacture, marketing, sales, to the showroom interiors, interfaces, graphics, service and ultimate disposal."

"This all-encompassing, holistic approach is being applied by all sorts of design practices. Well-known product designers, architects and interior designers have dedicated staff to this growing area, and many major companies consider their Chief Experience Officer as their highest design title."

"Every customer touch point is studied and analyzed before the actual design is crystallized," observed Ravi Sawney, CEO of RKS and Spark>Experience jury Chair. "It's critical to understand the whole process before the building phase begins. With today's engaged, social and sophisticated customers, companies simply cannot afford to ignore how the user will experience their design. One bad tweet can lead to many thousands."

Call for Entries

Submissions will be accepted from designers and organizations which have created examples of breakthrough experience and service design. Entries will be gathered from July 1 to October 10, 2013. Pricing, categories and criteria are published at the Spark Awards website.

Jurors Include Top Designers and Educators

Jury Chair, Ravi Sawney, CEO of RKS

Craig LaRosa, Principal, Service Design, Continuum

Frank Tyneski, Chief of Design and Experience at JMI Equity

Don Norman, Nielsen Norman Group, IDEO Fellow

(Others to follow)

"We are expecting some very diverse and complex solutions," said Craig LaRosa from Continuum. "This includes the process followed, the iterations explored and the ultimate choices made in a wide range of media. For anyone designing or interested in cutting edge innovation, this is exciting stuff!"

Bonus Information

Spark is proudly sponsored by Autodesk, Core77, ArchNewsNow, Archinect, Bustler, Pluo Consulting and RIOT Creative Imaging.

All Spark 2013 Competitions are Now Accepting Entries



Spark>Concept & Student





The Spark Design Awards core mission is to help create a better world though design excellence.

The Spark competitions are open to all designers, including students (in Spark>Concept). The Spark Community may be joined at no cost. The Spark competitions have a variety of entry fees, depending upon the event. Submissions are made at the Spark website. Juries, composed of design professionals and experts, meet online and in person to choose Finalists and Winners.

Learn more about this organization and all these competitions at the Spark website landing page at

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