Website Accessibility Webinar Series Will Help Improve Access to Your Website

St. Paul, Minnesota (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

WeCo (The Wehrman Collaborative) is a mission-based, for-profit company that is dedicated to making the web accessible for the millions of disabled consumers who use it every day. One of the ways WeCo does this is through an educational Webinar series: before companies will make their websites accessible, they must first see the need to do so.

In order to raise the profile of this issue and to educate professionals, WeCo is offering a series of webinars that will highlight both the importance of making a site accessible as wells as the best practices for doing so. The series will consist of five parts and will begin with The E-world of People Who Live with Disabilities. This presentation will explain the need for web accessibility and describe the ways in which users with challenges access the web. When developers, webmasters, communications personnel and management know how people with disabilities access the Internet and navigate through websites for information, they have a better understanding of why their organizations’ websites need to be accessible.

In an interview, Senior Certified Test Consultant Nina Phouthasack described how she responds to websites that are inaccessible to her, given she lives with a sight-related disability: I tend to just skip [them] and try to find another website that offers the same information that is more user-friendly. This kind of thought process is common among disabled users who have difficulty accessing websites. This can result in lower traffic, and thus lower sales, for business websites, for example. Beyond that, this can cause informational websites to fail at their purpose; namely, the failure to provide information in a format accessible to those with disabilities.

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, WeCo is a mission-based, for-profit organization. While creating a strong accessibility learning environment for your organization, we also provide professional employment to people who live with disabilities. Considering that up to 80% of people in this group are either unemployed or employed below their education and capability levels makes the work WeCo does even more uplifting and important. WeCo is recognized by the State of Minnesota as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. In WeCos first year in business they were featured in the MarketWatch Wall Street Journal, Google Finance and Tech{dot}MN. Find more about the company at

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