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Track IP Address Prevention Stops Hackers, Cyberstalkers and Surveillance

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) August 07, 2013

idcloak has published a new article Track IP address protection which suggests ways that internet users may protect themselves against new forms of web-based threats, including hacking, corporate tracking, cyber stalking and cyber theft.

The article groups the dangers into two threat levels, giving separate advice for each. In the section of the article What High and Low Level Computer Security Risks do you Face? examples are given of what constitutes a high or low level threat.

Ask any security expert and they will tell you that threat is measured by the likelihood of harm against the degree of expected damage if it does happen, says Robin Welles, lead web researcher at idcloak and author of the article. So, low level threats can either belong to a high probability of minor harm, such as corporations tracking your activity in order to build marketing profiles, or a low probability of major harm, such as hackers placing spyware on compromised websites.

Asked what kinds of threats constitute a high level threat, Welles explains, The primary definer of a high-level threat is that its motivated and targeted towards an individual. When this happens, there is a much greater risk of significant damage being done. We are talking coordinated hacking, focused surveillance and experienced cyberstalking.

The third and fourth sections of the article offer a suite of suggestions which can be used for protection in the face of low and high level threats. Clearly it is quite reductive to give one set of advice for a series of different threats, but when you realize that many of these threats employ the same tricks, such as IP tracking, it becomes possible to give security advice that is relevant to multiple contexts.

In addition to the many third-party protection services recommended, idcloak introduces its own VPN, an advanced IP address privacy tool that protects against third-party tracking.

idcloak Technologies is due to launch its own anonymous VPN service next month.

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