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MakeHuman v0.8 Pre-Alpa Demo Released

(PRWEB) November 6, 2005

The demo, along with the quick-start guide, will take the user through the creation of a humanoid; and then, rendering using either the Aqsis or Pixie rendering engine, which are both free and open source, as well. The purpose of the demo, according to Manuel Bastioni, project administrator, is to demonstrate the great progress our team has made toward meeting the goals outlined in our project abstract; and to reward, and satisfy the curiosity of, our relatively large numbers of long-time fans and gain some new ones, of course.

Although characters cannot be saved in this version, the user will be able to adjust, in real-time, nearly 800 individual parametric morph targets; some of which include horns, fins, major muscle groups and facial expressions. According to the release notes, the program's memory and CPU usage is very low. This version is only compatible with Windows(c) operating systems.

A beta test version is scheduled for November 20, 2005, and a stable release is planned for late February, 2006.

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In the United States, please follow-up with:

Robert A. Warren

News, Publicity and Documentation

Team Coordinator

(843) 225-2214

The MakeHuman Project is the development team for MakeHuman(cc), a free, open source, 3D modeling software program licensed under the GNU General Public License, v.2.

Windows(c) copyright 1998-2003, Microsoft Corporation


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