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Indonesian Diaspora Foundation Launches High-Impact Quarter a Day Program

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Indonesian Diaspora Foundation (IDF), a nonprofit organization focused on helping underprivileged children get access to better educational opportunities, today announced the public launch of its innovative Quarter a Day (QUAD) program.

The QUAD program aims to equip potential donors with an easy, affordable and impactful way to help underprivileged children and others in need. With just 25 cents a day ($ 7.50 per month or $ 90 per year), donors can help underprivileged children in small villages in Indonesia go to school and provide underprivileged schools in Indonesia with computers and modern-day technology that help facilitate better learning.

Although the Indonesian economy has grown at an annual GDP rate of more than 6% in recent years, the countrys investment in education is still inadequate. With scholarships comprising only 3% of total public financing for education, many academically-capable but poor students do not graduate from high school or college.

As Indonesia enters the 21st century globalized world, education will become one of the most important components to building a vibrant economy and a resilient democracy, said Sonita Lontoh, IDFs Chairman. Education is the one great equalizer that can help overcome differences in background, culture and privilege. We at IDF hope to contribute in making access to education more readily available to poor students in Indonesia and hope you will join us.

Through the Quarter a Day program, IDF seeks to fund its flagship Computers for School, Foster Family One on One and Diaspora for Diaspora/Humanitarian Assistance programs. The Computers-for-School program seeks to equip underprivileged schools in Indonesia with technology to facilitate more effective and efficient learning. The Foster Family One on One program aims to help underprivileged families in poor villages in Indonesia send their children to school. Diaspora for Diaspora and Humanitarian Assistance program seeks to help those adversely affected by natural disasters and others in needs with humanitarian aids.

We are delighted to launch the Quarter a Day program, said Sukan Makmuri, IDFs President and Ben Rasyad, IDFs QUAD Program Director. The QUAD program enables donors an easy and affordable way to make a real impact. With more people joining the QUAD program, together, we will be able to help many more underprivileged children and schools in Indonesia. We hope you join us today and help spread the word to others, too.

To participate in the QUAD program and make a difference today, please visit

About Indonesian Diaspora Foundation (IDF)

The Indonesian Diaspora Foundation (IDF) is a nonprofit organization focusing on empowering Indonesian diaspora communities worldwide, strengthening the Indonesian educational system and providing humanitarian assistance. IDFs flagship initiatives include Computers for School, One-on-One Foster Family and Diaspora for Diaspora/Humanitarian Assistance programs. For more information and to get involved, please visit

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