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17Sep/130 Updates Ezach Deposit Software to Include Column Mapping Feature

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

In response to many requests from customers, software developer updated ezAch direct deposit software so that customers can now save settings for importing payroll data from .csv files, saving valuable time.

With data importing feature, customers can import bulk transactions data to generate the ACH deposit file faster. Customers found that re-entering the same column-mapping information each pay period was a needless redundancy. Developers at agreed and modified the software to fit the way customers use it. is excited to announce the latest version of EzAch Deposit Software. Finally ending repetitive column mapping for customers, founder, Dr. Ge says.

Additionally, ezAch version 2.0.5 can save multiple groups of settings. If one file is generated for paying employees and a different file for collecting funds from vendors, ezAch Deposit Software can remember the settings for both. The customer simply tells ezAch which group of settings to apply to each imported data file.

EzAch is priced at just $ 199 per installation, making it affordable for any size business. To ensure the software meets customers requirements before purchasing, ezAch Deposit Software can be downloaded and tried at no cost or obligation for 14 days. With the purchase of a license key, customers can unlock ezAch Deposit Software for unlimited use. The download and the license key can be found online at

Unique features of EzAch Deposit Software:

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