3.7 Jeep PowerTech Used Engine Now Under New Limited Warranty Coverage for Engine Buyers at Got Engines Co.

San Diego, California (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

Engine design and engineering are two elements nearing perfection by the Chrysler corporation. Consistent testing and development of engine types has increased the technologies used for produced vehicles. The Got Engines company sells used Chrysler brand engines and now offers a better limited warranty. This company is selling its 3.7 Jeep PowerTech used engine series with these new warranties at http://www.gotengines.com/blog/jeep-engines/jeep-engines.

These PowerTech V6 units are removed from vehicles that feature lower the national average mileage. Agreements with engine distributors specializing in low mileage units are now used by the GotEngines.com company. These measures combined have helped expand the limited warranty terms that are now offered.

“Some engine buyers are fortunate to receive a 30-day warranty from some online sellers,” a company rep from Got Engines said. The lack of available coverage for some engine types does expand the fear factor that some buyers can have when trying to evaluate engine quality.

“General parts like water pumps aren’t included in the extended terms, but all essential components have received longer coverage time frames,” the company rep added. The modification to this warranty type is one recent example of changes for the betterment of customer service relations by this company.

Since the cost charged by freight companies can fluctuate without notice, freight policies have been updated to include new incentives that can be accessed by any consumer online. The Jeep motors that are now offered are included in the freight terms that now include erasure of freight charges for engine consumers.

New company arrangements with long distance carries has helped put into place the removal of costs that buyers would normally have to pay to send engines to any part of the country. More information about limited warranty and freight incentives can be found inside the blog section that now exists on the company website at http://www.gotengines.com/blog.

About GotEngines.com

The GotEngines.com company formed the online access version of its warehouse in 2007. Buyers have been able to research the company inventory held daily using this resource. Low pricing strategies and better marketing have been combined this year to boost consumer awareness of the engine types that are sold. The GotEngines.com company specializes in distributing previously owned motors for most vehicle types in the U.S. The company warehouse grows on a weekly basis in inventory numbers due partly to a talented acquisition staff. Consumers relying on this company have received freight benefits and better warranty terms for all purchases this year.

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