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Tablet Company with Unique Charitable Philosophy Enters the Market

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) July 19, 2013

New tablet company, Abydos Innovations, launched in early 2013 and is aiming to be a business with a big difference. The company seeks to bridge the digital divide by making technology more accessible to more people by setting aside 10 percent of the sale of every tablet to go toward donations to charities and schools.

In celebration of its launch and unique philosophy, the company made an initial donation of 225 tablets to worthy causes, a value of $ 25,000, in the first quarter of 2013.

We sell powerful, light-weight Android tablets with all of the features that consumers have come to expect. But what makes us different is our philosophy we believe in giving back and sharing technology with as many people as we can, said Rick Human, president of Abydos Innovations.

The company is committed to providing affordable technology to everyone. The Abydos line of tablets offer many of the same features as the most desired models on the market, including HD screen resolution, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the ability to download thousands of Android apps in the Google Play store, as well as millions of books, music, movies, television shows, and other media.

Abydos commitment to greater access is summarized in their tagline of Buy Abydos & Give. Recipient programs have included The Oasis Church, the Blazin with Love 5K Run in support of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, and additional houses of worship and schools. The company has set up a page on its website for individuals to register their favorite charity to receive a potential donation. Buy & Give.

The company is looking for charities that support a wide variety of people from children to the elderly, from those with physical or mental disabilities, to those who are economically disadvantaged. Technology can be costly, and Abydos Innovations seeks to make it more affordable for those purchasing and also offers donations to worthy causes.

The research is very clear access to technology can change lives. Children who have access do better in school and are better prepared for the modern workforce. The elderly who use technology are more connected and less isolated, leading to be a better quality of life, Human said.

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 66 million Americans lack the basic skills to use computers and the Internet, yet more than 62% of American workers rely on the Internet to perform their jobs. A Federal Reserve study in 2008 found that teenagers with computer access at home have graduation rates that are six to eight percent higher than students who do not have computers.

Currently, the company is selling a 10.1-inch Wi-Fi enabled HD Android tablet with the Jelly Bean 4.1.1 operating system for the low price of $ 269.99. The company also has 7 and 8 inch tablets at equally reasonable prices. The website,, has recently been refreshed and offers simple navigation to allow customers to select the right tablet for them.

When computers or tablets are out of reach financially, we put our children at a serious disadvantage, Human said. At Abydos Innovations, were interested in bridging the digital divide to ensure everyone has the skills theyll need to be connected and be a part of the digital economy.

PowerNet Global, a telecommunications provider in Cincinnati, is partnering with Abydos Innovations to provide voice, Internet, and Wi-Fi services in addition to Abydos tablets for schools, churches, and similar institutions. Allison Stevens, Chief Executive Officer of PowerNet Global, said the company is pleased to be a part of Abydos mission.

We have a history of supporting the communities where we operate making donations and volunteering for organizations were passionate about. Were excited to be aligned with Abydos Innovations and fully support the Buy Abydos & Give philosophy, Stevens said.

About Abydos Innovations

Abydos Innovations shares knowledge, enables communication, and empowers digital literacy by giving people greater access to technology. The company is unique in its Buy Abydos & Give philosophy, with 10% of the sale price of every tablet going to support the donation of tablets and other devices to those who wouldnt otherwise be able to afford technology. Abydos Innovations is named for an ancient Egyptian city where the oldest known examples of hieroglyphics were found a city that was the civic, cultural and spiritual center of society. Today, connectivity and technology serve as that civic center, and Abydos Innovations seeks to bridge the digital divide by making it more accessible through affordable devices and donations. The company, based in Fairfield, Ohio, offers an array of innovative products, including Android tablets and mobile accessories, available for sale directly through its online store at

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