Workplace Productivity at an All-Time Low; Pandora Corp. Releases The Office Software (theOS) to Combat Cyberslacking and Security Risks

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 7, 2010

No one can argue the fact that the Internet has made all of our lives easier. But, increasingly, it has become a black hole for wasted time. And unfortunately, a lot of that time comes at an employer’s expense.

To help businesses cope with both “cyberslacking” and security issues, Pandora Corp., makers of the well-regarded PC Pandora monitoring software, has introduced The Office Software (theOS), a monitoring software tool that will allow employers to increase employee efficiency and protect company assets.

“Employers have every legal right – and in some cases a duty – to monitor employee Internet activity,” says Pandora Corp. co-founder Jamie Leasure. “And in this economy, companies can’t afford lost productivity. They need to ensure that their employees are efficient and their business is running smoothly.”


Statistically speaking, an overwhelming majority of both employees and employers feel it is ok to surf non-work-related websites while on the job. The difference of opinion comes when surfing turns into an obsessive distraction.

“There is a difference between checking your personal email to reply to your mother and spending 10 minutes of every hour updating your social network profile,” notes Leasure.

On average, workers with an Internet connection spend 21 hours per week online while in the office, a little more than four hours per day. And on average, 26% of that time is spent on personal-interest websites. That amounts to roughly an hour per day, or 22 hours per month.

“For every eight employees you have that spend one hour a day surfing the web for personal interest,” Pandora Corp. co-founder Manuel Coats explains, “you have the equivalent of a full-time employee showing up to work and doing nothing.”


The Office Software is a multi-functional office productivity tool designed to help managers of small and medium-sized businesses achieve increased productivity and enhanced security. The program allows managers to analyze activities performed by employees and the time spent on different work items. It also affords the ability to track computer usage at a group and/or an individual level, cross-reference activities reported by an employee, and access an employee’s desktop in real-time.

“We think managers and business owners need to be able to see how their employees are spending the work day,” says Leasure. “Being able to obtain reports of daily activity, and then analyze and compare them is priceless in today’s corporate environment.”

The Office Software consists of three major components:

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