Top Security Firm, IMG, Issues 3 Tips on Counterfeit Avoidance to High-Tech Firms and Electronic Component Makers

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 24, 2013

The Incident Management Group, Inc. (IMG), a leading Global Security Consulting Firm, is issuing 3 tips on counterfeit avoidance to electronic manufactures and other high-tech component makers. There has been a rising number of fake electronic components and counterfeit technology found on the market. Knock-off versions of items such as headphones, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices have become increasingly common. Many of these fake electronic components and counterfeit tech are originating from China. Chinese companies are harvesting parts from electronic waste dumps, reconstituting it, and remarketing these shoddy items as legitimate brand name products. The counterfeit tech is then being sold online, where the customer has little information on the legitimacy of the vendor. As a result, companies are looking for ways to combat fake electronic distributors and high-tech counterfeiters. To meet the demand, IMG, a leading Global Security Consulting Firm, is issuing 3 tips on counterfeit avoidance.

Each year more and more businesses are stumbling across poorly-made counterfeit tech products that brandish their company logo, said Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG. Obviously, companies are worried that their brand image is being damaged by fake electronics and knock-off items. Yet, even small firms can take steps that can significantly improve their counterfeit avoidance posture. That is why we are issuing these 3 easy tips. We want to show firms how simple steps can greatly increase the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting efforts.

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Three Easy Tips on Counterfeit Avoidance

The following are three tips firms can use to further their anti-counterfeiting efforts. These tips are applicable to many companies whether they be electronic component manufacturers or high-tech companies.

1. Remember the Basics

A solid anti-counterfeiting plan ultimately starts with the basics. Companies should use standard, hard-to-duplicate packaging. They should etch or emboss their company name on product components. They also should perform due-diligence and monitor the quality of their registered distributors. These simple steps make it significantly harder for the counterfeiter to manufacture counterfeit tech products that appear credible.

2. Spot-Check Returned Electronic Components

One of the most common ways that firms discover that they are the victim of counterfeiting, is when the fake item is returned by a customer. Because many counterfeits are of poor quality, they will often break and be returned by the purchaser. As such, companies should regularly have these returns spot-checked in order to determine if components are genuine. Regularly performing these checks can help a firm determine the effectiveness of its counterfeit avoidance measures.

3. Monitor the Web

Many fake items and counterfeit electronic components are sold on the web. Therefore, firms should be on the lookout for the sale of their products on the internet. Fake items are commonly listed on websites as new, but at a significantly reduced retail price. Many times employees are the first to spot such anomalies. As such, training employees how to spot counterfeits on the web can be a vital part of an anti-counterfeiting strategy.

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