REMI Names TextoAd Tech Breakthrough of the Week

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

The Real Estate Marketing Insider named its Tech Breakthrough of the Week, a title given to the most outstanding technological innovation in the real estate industry. This weeks award was given to TextoAd, a groundbreaking new platform that delivers MLS property information to a clients mobile through text messages. Following a news release from TexttoAd, REMI advises its realtor readers to incorporate mobile marketing strategies in their business plans.

Providing buyers with real-time information about properties via real estate mobile marketing has become a key part of a successful realtors strategy. Most methods of information distribution involve using apps, which the client must download prior to use, or QR codes to scan, which take extra time and might still require an app for use. TextoAd, a Coral Gables company has developed new software that alleviates the need for apps or QR scanners by offering a solution via text. Agents use a single, local phone number to represent their service. Prospective buyers that send a text to that number inquiring about an active listing instantly get a text message back that includes vital information, such as layout, price, and amenities. Meanwhile, the agent enjoys instant alerts to his/her mobile device whenever a buyer inquires about a certain property.

From mid-western residential properties to beachfront home rentals, realtors need to be able to connect with their clients via mobile devices in the field. Moreover, providing immediate solutions to prospective buyers via text message means fewer demands on a clients time, energy, and resources. In this age of unlimited texting plans, offering clients a one-text opportunity to get all the vital information about a property is as streamlined as it can get. The Insider congratulates TextoAd on their valuable new product, and is proud to offer them the Tech Breakthrough of the Week.

The Real Estate Marketing Insider awarded its Tech Breakthrough of the Week title to TextoAd, a new service that offers homebuyers comprehensive information about properties via text message.

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