Online Web Attendance and Internet Employee Time Tracking Are Included Features of MinuteHound’s Latest Release

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 29, 2013

Now available from MinuteHound is new online web attendance and employee time tracking software. The software acts like a sentinel to protect companies from losing money to time theft and from accounting errors. The software uses biometric technology, which is fingerprint attendance, and log-in devices are specially design to use employees finger or thumb prints when logging in and out from work.

All types and sizes of companies are switching over to MinuteHounds biometric fingerprint software and log-in devices. The main reasons why companies are switching to MinuteHound are easy to understand. Greater levels of security, accurate time keeping and verifying the exact log-in and log-out time for every employee is automatic. How MinuteHound works is through simplicity and superior technology.

The software additions that were just released provide the attendance solution that companies have been searching for. Employers from all industries are always looking for more effective ways to account for employees time on the job. MinuteHound effectively solves this problem. Now that the new online web attendance and employee tracking software is available for downloading, companies can accurately and effectively account for their employees time at work.

Benefits of Online Web Attendance and Internet Employee Time Tracking Software

This just released software is ideally suited for all sizes of businesses, regardless of the type of industry. Today, literally every business has access to the internet. With internet access managers can now keep track of their employees from anywhere in the world, at any time. Old time card punch systems are susceptible to alterations, human error and buddy punching. MinuteHound puts an end to all these problems.

Old time clock recording systems are outdated now that MinuteHounds new online attendance system is available. It uses fingerprints to account for employees attendance at work. Companies used to rely on the physical presence of their employees to record their log-in times. But, for businesses that employee staff at remote locations or online, keeping accurate log-in records are nearly impossible. MinuteHound now offers a solution to this problem with the Internet employee time tracking addition

Using MinuteHounds new biometric software and devises, companies can now verify an employees attendance at remote locations or online, from anywhere in the world. The biometric devices are small, easy to install and use. No training is required. Once the devices are plugged into a computers USB port, installation is automatic and only takes a few minutes. MinuteHounds biometric devices and software works with all Windows operating systems, and is compatible with all web browsers.

Owners and company managers keep track of their employees who work online or at remote locations. They do this by using MinuteHounds just released online web attendance and employee time tracking software, which is available now for downloading at Minutehound.

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