Michaelo’s Designer Computer Systems Released

Mesa, AZ (PRWEB) January 4, 2006

Michaelo, has released “The Elegant Lian Elite” designer computer system. A one of a kind designer PC for the discriminating taste of luxury. This is a hand made system with all the best components available.

The Elegant Lian Elite has the power to be a server and a gamers system that can handle anything you can throw at it.

You’ll enjoy modern design and classical attention to quality in the Elegant Lian Elite.

The Lian Elite is a mid-size tower that looks more sophisticated then the standard PC. It fits right in with your lavish home office. With all the power you’ll need in a quiet, refined, computer system.


The AMD X2 4800+ duel core processor.

Two XFX 7800GTX video cards running in SLI configuration for unprecedented video speed.

Two 74gb WD Raptor Drives running at 10,000 RPM, the fastest SATA drives on the market. RAID ready.

24k gold waterblock, water cooled CPU. Making sure it will stay cooler and process faster.

Corsair 2gb, 400mhz, XMS Pro Memory. The XMS product line is Corsair’s premium desktop product family. Engineered and tested for superior performance.

A NEC DVD-CD Read and write burners are installed for any media or data needs.

Video, Music, DATA, at fast reliable speeds.

6″ TFT Front Bay VGA Screen. With a front bay VGA screen built-in you can monitor your stocks 24/7, or system stats, or e-mail, or anything you can think of. A remote control is provided to turn on/off the screen.

8 Channel Digital Audio System 680 watts of Pure Power, PSU. 125 Channel TV Tuner. This TV tuner comes with full remote control.

20 in 1 Card Reader. The front bay card reader with 2 USB ports, SATA drive connections, FireWire, Ear and head phone connections. Supports most memory cards.

Bluetooth, Wi/Fi, Gigabit LAN, FireWire. All the tools needed for connectivity.

Custom Features:

The Elegant Lian Elite, has sound proofing installed with leather trim for added sound proofing and refinement.

A plunger switch has been added to the front door that turns on/off a red LED so you can read your DVDs even in the lowest light.

A blue 3-way LED has been added to the underside of the case to give it that futuristic look. Giving it a light blue glow from under the case.

A blue 3-way LED has been added to the inside of the case (PCI slot on/off switch) so you can see inside the case if you need to, or just want to show it off.

A red LED has been added to the inside case that shines on your Raptor drives.

Sound proofing has been added to the front door, along with a leather DVD pouch to hold those important DVDs you use all the time.

A leather remote pouch below the DVD pouch for two of your remotes. So you can store them in a secure place behind the locked front door.

One remote is used to turn on/off/reset, the computer system.

A 6″ TFT VGA Video Screen has been custom installed with a black anodized aluminum face plate, custom made by waterjet cutting.

A custom remote is used to turn on/off the front 6″ TFT VGA screen.

And of course you have the TV Tuner full remote.

Black Leather trim has been added to the front card reader. All black leather trim is of the best quality.

The Processor has been custom water cooled, including a 24k gold waterblock, a reservoir, radiator, 50,000 hour pump, and the best Tylon water tubing available. And filled with a non-conductive fluid.

All 3 system fans have been replaced with powerful and quiet Panaflo fans for a peaceful computing experience And a custom mesh, dust shroud, has been added.

All cables have been sleeved and managed to eliminate clutter.

Yes, all this power and full tower custom features fitted inside

a mid-size tower.

Running Windows XP Pro All drivers are loaded for you. And everything is burned in for three days to ensure everything is at 100% working status.

This is a full XP Pro version (SP2), and will be registered by you so you can get full support from Microsoft.

Also, see “Next” on website to see what Michaelo is working on for his next creation.

See the Elegant Lian Elite at: http://www.themichaelo.com

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