(PRWEB) January 14, 2006

iWave systems an embedded systems design services company focused on embedded hardware and Software and this turnkey solution provider has recently comeout with a new design based on PXA270. PXA270 reference platform runs WinCE.Net 5.0 and Linux 2.6.9.

Featuring 3.5 (320 x 240) TFT LCD , 520 MHz run Intel PXA270 processor, it is the hot evaluation platform of iWave systems. Multimedia CPU supports 640 x 480 color flat panel display, audio output, and Qwerty keypad input. Processor can dynamically change speed in response to changing performance or power consumption needs. Flash, SDRAM, Nand Flash, SD/MMC card interface, CompactFlash interface, sony memory stick are also integrated on board.

This development platform is rich in communication peripherals like USB Host, USB Device, USB OTG, IrDA, Serial, WLAN(through CF). The CPU has multimedia capabilities, which include support for an 640 x 480 color flat panel display, audio output, and Qwerty keypad input which can be used as Information kiosk, advertising terminal, Media Palyer, Hand-held gaming. The thermal printer connected to PXA270 with LCD, Memory and keypad allows the customer to implement the sophisticated point-of-sale terminals or feature-rich industrial control panels.

This powerful processor is based off of the ARM. In addition to its multimedia features, the design features three serial ports to handle a variety of communication needs.

The CMOS Camera module with VGA, Lithium polymer Battery and Audio-video with MPEG 4 support makes the design to excel. iWave provides BSPs for Windows CE.Net and the necessary tool chain for Linux for developing applications.

iWave Systems Technologies is an embedded Hardware and software Turnkey services company focused on providing integrated solutions for developing innovative products and systems in the areas of communication, consumer electronics and Multimedia. iWave offers complete turnkey solutions for systems engineering and product development.

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