INT Releases GeoToolkit.NET 3.5

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) March 21, 2013

Interactive Network Technologies, Inc. (INT), a leading developer of high-performance graphics components, announces availability of GeoToolkit.NET 3.5.

Developed for data visualization in upstream Oil and Gas, GeoToolkit.NET is a package of C# libraries including support for specialized Seismic, Contour, WellLog, and Well Schematic displays. GeoToolkit.NET also provides cutting-edge features such as localization, simplified web support, and sophisticated vector object handling. GeoToolkit components speed up software development, promote reusability and consistency across applications, and allow developers to focus on their core technologies rather than spend time writing data displays.

Highlights for this new release include:

Deviated track headers in well log and well schematic displays
Curves segments and symbols can be colored individually based on data source
New multi-well capability including an advanced demo
16 million color mode is now supported in seismic display
Variable depth step now supported for seismic data
HSV color interpolation support
Caliper curve and clipping has been added to well schematic display
Support for MD axis for well schematic display
Components were migrated to .NET Framework 4.0

For more information about GeoToolkit.NET, or to request an evaluation, visit our website at

About INT:

INT is a leading supplier of graphics software components for data visualization in Upstream E&P and other technical industries. Our products include open and expandable visualization software, visualization software development components, and software development services. INT solutions support Java, C++, and .NET environments. INT is a Microsoft

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