GL Announces Enhancements to UMTS IuPS Interface Emulator

Gaithersburg, Maryland (PRWEB) March 22, 2013

GL Communications Inc. announced today the release of its latest product MAPS UMTS IuPS Interface Emulator software.

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Karthik Ramalingam, Senior Manager for product development of the company said, UMTS, or Universal Mobile Telecommunications System is a 3rd generation mobile technology evolved from GSM technology. It uses W-CDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) radio access. With increased spectral efficiency and high bandwidth, UMTS can support broadband data, voice, and video. The underlying transport for UMTS in the core network can be Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) or IP. UMTS supports integrated services such as multimedia and global roaming to mobile users.

He added, SGSN manages mobile location whether within the carrier’s network or roaming outside. Once a user turns on his or her mobile, a new IP address gets assigned and IP connectivity is available with quality of service (bit rate allocation) based on subscription, and tunnels are created for mobile flows to/from that mobile. These data tunnels carry encapsulated traffic such as http, ftp, email, etc. SMS may also be carried by the signaling plane to/from the mobile. IuPS emulation and analysis can be very important in the design, verification, and troubleshooting of a carrier’s mobile data network.

Mr. Ramalingam further added, GLs Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS), is a protocol simulation and conformance test tool that supports a variety of protocols such as SIP, MEGACO, ISDN, SS7, GSM, LTE, and many other TDM, IP, and Wireless protocols.

MAPS has been enhanced for testing UMTS IuPS interface. It can simulate RNC (Radio Network Controller), and 3G SGSN (3G Serving GPRS Support Node) by generating RANAP and DTAP signaling messages over SCTP as Transport layer in an IP network as defined by 3GPP standards. MAPS provides users the unlimited ability to edit messages and control scenarios (message sequences). Message sequences are generated through scripts. Messages are created using message templates.

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