Gajendra Circle Reunion Weekend (May 31 – June 2nd, 2013) – Can’t miss if you are an IIT Madras Alum

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) May 04, 2013

Alumni from IIT Madras in North America will gather in the Bay Area May 31st through June 2nd for the first annual Gajendra Circle Reunion Weekend – a celebration of alumni achievements and an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with each other. IIT Madras alumni have had a significant impact on the American tech industry, making the reunions location in the heart of Silicon Valley especially appropriate. The event is being coordinated by the IIT Madras Alumni Association of North America, or IITMAANA, and will be held in the TiE Conference Center in Santa Clara. Alumni can register for the event here:

The agenda for the weekend will feature both social and informational activities, including class mixers, speeches by keynote speakers, multiple panel discussions, recreational sports, and light entertainment on Saturday evening. Among the panel discussions, one will address career development in the academic, corporate, and entrepreneurial spheres. Another panel will cover life-long learning, which includes professional networking and retirement planning. The last panel will be alumni-centric, and focus on what alumni want, as well as how they can give back through IITMAANA.

IITMAANA President and CEO of DataNet Systems, Robert Nathan, explained that the reunion is intended to replicate in North America the reunions held on the IIT Madras campus at the famous Gajendra Circle. He added that the event will emphasize four key themes: connect, collaborate, contribute, and celebrate. He elaborated that alumni will be able to connect with each other and their families, collaborate with each other through networking opportunities offered at the reunion, contribute by either volunteering with or donating to IITMAANA, and celebrate by honoring alumni achievements. For IIT Madras alumni in the Bay Area region and beyond, Nathan said that the reunion will be a cant-miss event.

Pramod Kunju, Vice President of IITMAANA and CEO of Dataversal Inc, added, “We at IITMAANA are focused on serving our alumni all over North America. We listened to our alumni, and they clearly expressed the desire to have a reunion event where they get professional value, while also having fun. So this event will be a good mix of professional learning, networking, and social activities. There is something in this event for everyone – our alumni, their families, and friends.”

For questions/comments/speaker interests/sponsorship enquiries, please contact the core organization committee:

President: Bob Nathan: nathan(at)datanetusa(dot)com

Vice President: Pramod Kunju: pramod(at)nakunj(dot)com

Treasurer: Chili Sastry: chilisastry(at)yahoo(dot)com

Secretary: Justin Thomas: tjustin59(at)gmail(dot)com

Event Co-Chair: Sundi Sundaresh: sundi(dot)sundaresh(at)gmail(dot)com

Board Member: Monishi Sanyal: monishi(at)sanyals(dot)com


As the North American branch of the IIT Madras Alumni Association, IITMAANA provides a variety of services for its members throughout the year, such as alumni-to-alumni and business-to-business networking, career mentorship, entrepreneurship networks, job classifieds, and volunteering opportunities. Its website is

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