Digital Trowels Ronen Feldman Selected to Present the Prestigious, Keynote Tutorial at the 2013 Sentiment Analysis Symposium

(PRWEB) May 02, 2013

The tutorial, entitled Techniques and Applications for Sentiment Analysis is designed for advanced users, developers, consultants, and others who seek to understand the technology behind the tools they’re using (or hope to build). Digital Trowels award winning, patent-pending Sentiment Engine, developed and designed by Professor Feldman and his team at Digital Trowel, is at the heart of a number of Digital Trowel products, such as The Stock Sonar, the ultimate decision support tool for traders and investors, providing a one-glance quantified assessment of the financial, news and social media sentiment relevant to trading decisions

Its an honor to have been selected to present the keynote tutorial at the 2013 Sentiment Analysis Symposium, Professor Feldman says. As a professor, and a businessman, having the opportunity to share our technology, with peers and other professionals, in such a high profile environment is a testament to the importance and the value of what weve developed at Digital Trowel. Digital Trowels Sentiment Engine will change the digital landscape as far as how business is conducted with, and through, the media.

The Sentiment Analysis Symposium is an annual business-focused conference held in New York on May 7th and 8th. The symposium aims to teach business users about the impact that technological solutions can have in consumer reactions in social media, news and enterprise.

In 2011, Digital Trowel, was awarded the Red Herring Top 100 award. The award recognized Digital Trowel as one of the top private tech startup companies from North America.

The man who coined the term text mining, Professor Feldman has given over 30 tutorials on text mining and information extraction. He wrote the definitive textbook on text mining, The Text Mining Handbook: Advanced Approaches in Analyzing Unstructured Data, which was published in 1995. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University and his B.Sc. in Math, Physics and Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Professor Feldman is currently head of the Information Systems Department of the Business School of Hebrew University. He previously taught as an Adjunct Professor at New York Universitys Stern School of Business.

About Digital Trowel

Digital Trowel is a next generation semantic web company that is disrupting the traditional models of text mining and data compilation. With our near-human accuracy for data analytics, we are transforming semantic analysis and are able to provide structure to the unstructured web.

Focused on data extraction, discovery and analytics, we utilize our proprietary natural language processing technology to structure vast quantities of unstructured data available on the web and convert this data into powerful insight.

Digital Trowels Israel-based R&D team is led by Professor Ronen Feldman, one of the world’s most recognized experts in the field of text mining, link analysis and the semantic analysis of data, and a team consisting of some of the worlds leading text analytics experts, Digital Trowel provides cutting edge text mining technology that is able to present vast quantities of data so as to mitigate the challenge of overwhelming information and underwhelming insight.

More information on Digital Trowel is available on our website

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