Massively Parallel Technologies Demonstrates Unprecedented Scalability and Price-Performance Benefits Over Conventional High-Volume Biometric Solutions

Louisville, Colo. (PRWEB) May 30, 2006

Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc. (Massively), a provider of on-demand high-performance computing (HPC), announces fingerprint match rates of 465,000 records per second using only its advanced, patented Howard software technology. Measuring true end-to-end match times (rather than just compute time, which does not reflect real-world performance requirements). Massively is expanding its already impressive performance by targeting 1-second match times running on commodity commercial off-the-shelf systems searching tens-of-millions to hundreds-of-millions of biometric records over the next few months.

In comparison to costly and inflexible FPGA-based systems, Massively Biometrics delivers phenomenal match rates running on commercial off-the-shelf systems and is algorithm agnostic, which means customers can use any algorithm they wish, now or in the future. And Massively Biometrics delivers end-to-end speed and accuracy searching 100% of the target database and supporting 180-degrees of fingerprint rotation. Other biometric solutions report compute time only, limit input fingerprint rotation and/or search only a fraction of the database in order to report high match rates. But such corner cutting results misrepresent and disservice real-world deployments.

We believe that Massively has taken the first step towards demonstrating high performance, high accuracy biometric systems used for security and access verification can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of costly and inflexible FPGA-based systems said Scott Smith, CEO of Massively. The scalability and price/performance ratio we are demonstrating, combined with an open, non-proprietary, commodity COTS-based system architecture, is unprecedented.

Massivelys patented and patent-pending Howard parallel processing software technology makes such biometric matching performance and accuracy practical and affordable through both compute and cross-communication efficiencies that keep communication overhead growth rates to near zero as processing nodes are increased, even out to thousands of compute nodes. Initial scalability and performance measurements of Massivelys Biometric capabilities were run using only 80 single-CPU (Intel Pentium 4) Dell compute nodes searching a database of 1 million fingerprint records. Neurotechnologijas VeriFinger SDK, a rapid fingerprint identification software development tool, was used as the matching algorithm and was provided by Fulcrum Strategic Partners, Inc., the sole US distributor of the full line of biometric software development tools from Neurotechnologija Ltd. Neurotechnologijas Verifinger matching algorithm was deployed on the Howard platform in just a few days using Massivelys API-based parallelization model all without any access to source code or source code modifications.

These repeatable, stable results on inexpensive commodity COTS equipment mean that the Biometric market can be expanded well beyond current users, commented Kevin Howard, Massivelys CTO. Massively and its partners are ready, willing and able to meet the most demanding Biometric application.

Supporting a variety of biometric matching and identification techniques including fingerprint identification and face identification, Massivelys Powered by Howard biometric solutions make it possible to rapidly authenticate or identify individuals at an extremely low cost per identification without sacrificing accuracy. As the total number of desired database records to search grows at an exponential rate, processing and compute scaling efficiencies are paramount to the success of a biometric solution. Massivelys Biometrics can be made available through its Internet accessible, on-demand supercomputing Biometric Virtual Power Centers or through on-premise installations.

About Fulcrum Strategic Partners, Inc.

Fulcrum Strategic Partners is a biometrics technology vendor focused solely on helping organizations with the selection, integration and deployment of biometric identification systems. Fulcrum is the sole distributor in North America of biometric technologies by Neurotechnologija Ltd. including VeriFinger, VeriLook, MegaMatcher and FingerCell. Fulcrum maintains close relationships with some of the leading biometric technology companies worldwide and can assist with the selection and procurement of solutions around the globe. Fulcrum currently has customers in over 60 countries.

Contact Fulcrum Strategic Partners, Inc. at 800-430-4601 or at

About Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc.

Massively Parallel Technologies (Massively), a Colorado-based company, delivers high-performance computing through Virtual Power Centers, Internet-based hubs designed for specific computationally intense applications. Powered by Howard, Massivelys revolutionary system design and software solution provides the fastest possible communication between multiple processors. Massivelys Virtual Power Centers can outperform most mainframes and supercomputers for a fraction of the cost. For additional information on Massively Parallel Technologies products and services, call (303) 926-8555 or visit their Web site at


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