Linguamatix Offers Real-time Translation by SMS

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (PRWEB) May 26, 2006

Linguamatix Sdn Bhd, a company specialising in the development of computer-aided translation systems, in collaboration with Airocom Technology Berhad today announced the launch of a SMS-based translation service for the Malaysian public called LinguaMobile.

Earlier this year the Company released a trial online translation system, LinguaWeb Trial at, which allows users to search and surf all the English Internet content in Bahasa Malaysia. According to Linguamatix Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, Zaidon Omar Baki, The response to LinguaWeb Trial has been overwhelming. In the past 3 months more than 60,000 Malaysians have submitted 400,000 translation queries for over 100 million words, the equivalent of 5,500 pages of text every day. Most users are students from schools and universities, private and public sector employees, and even some professional translators. We have even heard from Malaysians overseas in the UK and the US. I believe the greatest impact has come from Malay speakers realising that they can access information on the Internet in Bahasa Malaysia.

Based on user feedback Linguamatixs translation technology can now be accessed anytime and anywhere via:

The Internet (by using a computer),

Wireless broadband (by using PDA mobile devices), and

Mobile phone (by SMS access).

Linguamatix has collaborated with local content aggregator, Airocom Technology Berhad, which provides the messaging technology and infrastructure to enable the Linguamatix translation service to be made available on mobile devices. Airocom was chosen as an ideal technology partner as the infrastructure they provide can be accessed by all major cellular operators. The launch of LinguaMobile on Airocoms platform not only enhances our solution offerings, but will further strengthen Airocoms market positioning in the private and public sector, said Fauzi Jamaudin, Chief Executive Officer of Airocom Technology Berhad. The translation service is not only made available on all cellular networks, but also on the whole range of mobile devices ranging from the low cost to the most sophisticated devices, added Fauzi.

Users can send an SMS to translate English text to Bahasa Malaysia by entering “[EM][space][English text]” and sending it to 33030. To send a translated message to friends, users can type “[EM][recipient’s mobile phone number][space][English text]” and send to 33030. The SMS service is targeted at users who want to find a quick answer to their English queries in Bahasa Malaysia and/or share text with friends using a different language. For both services, users will be charged 0.50 sen per successful SMS transaction.

Linguamatixs high-throughput translation engine, LinguaBASE enables translation at the rate of 500,000 words per minute per CPU which allows for the real-time translation of millions of webpages per day from English to Bahasa Malaysia. Whilst computer-aided translation systems are not designed to replace professional human translators, they are particularly useful for providing users with a basic understanding of content for gisting purposes.

Linguamatix will continue to provide new and improved translation systems and services for the local and global market and the company is now focusing on developing various other language pairs. We will continuously enhance the system based on user feedback and we expect to provide more exciting news over the next 12 months, Zaidon said.

About Linguamatix

In 2004, Linguamatix Sdn Bhd commenced development of high-throughput computer translation systems for the global market. The Companys first product incorporates English and Bahasa Malaysia. Future languages will include Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic and other languages which are in high demand in various parts of the world. It is envisaged that Linguamatixs technologies will meet the demand for access to information by non-English speakers around the world.

About Airocom Technology Berhad

Airocom was established on 15 November 1999 as a software application developer and integrator, specializing in SMS applications and communication solutions. Airocom obtained the prestigious pioneer MSC status in the year 2000 and began its research and development activities by developing applications for the mobile service operators, particularly on the SMS gateway platform. Today, it has emerged to be a total wireless communication solutions provider in providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for the mobile service operators, the enterprise and the mobile consumers.

Translation technology powered by LinguaBASE

Communication technology by Airocom


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