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(PRWEB) November 23, 2012

Xbox 360 is the latest video-game console from the leader in the world of operating systems, Microsoft. It is the first game console that has a staggering 250GB memory storage. When it comes to video gaming, fans find the Xbox 360 to be one of their first choices. This shopping season they are looking forward to grabbing hold of their favorite gaming console. Even though, Xbox 360 is one of the most expensive gamings consoles on the market, the approaching Black Friday and Cyber Monday would bring some special discounts to help the fans to own this powerful console at a relatively sale price.

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The Xbox 360 is one of the most powerful gaming devices available today. Microsoft uses the 3.2 GHz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon CPU to give its fans a powerful gaming device that is almost impossible to match. It has 512MB GDDR3 RAM and ATI Xenos 500 MHz graphics card. The Xbox 360 is loaded with features that put it a few steps ahead of the competition.

It has Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital with WMA pro that helps it deliver high-end HDTV services. It has input controllers, and its triple-core Xenon processor has each core being capable of the process a pair of threads simultaneously. This means that it can run at the maximum of 6 threads at one time. The ATI Xenos graphics processor features 10MB eDRAM.

The new Xbox 360 is available in two main configurations. The first one is the Xbox 360, which is also known informally as 20GB Pro and the other one is the Xbox 360 Core, with the first one having more features. It is available with both wireless and wired controllers, headsets for chatting, faceplates, webcam for video chat, 3 memory unit sizes and 5 hard drive sizes starting from 20 GB and going up to 250 GB.

Fans are crazy about the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday to own their favorite gaming device. Before they make the jump, it would be best to consider the features of different consoles available on the market. This includes checking Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3. They can find some amazing deals on all these leading video games consoles.

About Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is the 7th generation game console in the Xbox series from Microsoft, having sold more than 70 million units around the world. There is hardly any competition that matches it in terms of power, storage, sound quality and graphics.

About Xbox 360 Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2012 Deals

Xbox 360 fans know that a few hours henceforth, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2012 deals would be on offer. Starting 23 and 26 November, shoppers are going to check around with the leading stores for special Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Stores would open up at 6am in the morning to adjust to the huge rush of shoppers. The special price offers are going to attract the biggest crowds of the year.

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