XWebServices, Inc. Releases Version 2 of its ECommerce Shopping Cart Checkout Process Web Service — XWebCheckOut

Simi Valley, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2006

XWebServices, Inc. announced today the official Version 2 release of its ECommerce Shopping Cart Checkout Process Web Service, XWebCheckOut (http://www.xwebservices.com/Web_Services/XWebCheckOut/). XWebCheckOut is an XML/SOAP based Web Service which provides integration and management of the standard ECommerce Shopping Cart checkout process (Basket, Shipping, Billing, Credit Card, and Receipt) to client applications. SOAP Methods for processing credit cards in real time are also provided (merchant account and payment gateway are required). The new version of the Web Service features a Contract-First design and WS-Security for authentication/authorization.

Search for Shopping Cart using your favorite search engine and look at most of the results. Every Shopping Cart solution being offered today relies on templates that a website owner has to integrate into his/her website. Although every solution promises to be flexible and easy to integrate, how much flexibility can you really get when integrating templates?

With the XWebCheckOut Web Service, you no longer have to rely on templates to have the online Shopping Cart you always wanted. By simply consuming the Web Service for your data needs, you now have the freedom to keep the look and feel of your website, customizing each page of the checkout process the way you want, not the way others thought was best suited for you.

The XWebCheckOut Web Service provides data storage and data access layer functionality for storing and retrieving standard ECommerce orders. It greatly reduces application hosting fees, it eliminates the cost of maintaining a database, while providing all the necessary XML Shopping Cart Software API functionality for a low, flat, monthly fee through a well-established, well-adopted standard of exchanging information — Web Services.

Make the XWebCheckOut Web Service part of your Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) ECommerce application today!

While our competitors continue to publish Hello World type Web Services you send a Request and get back some Response we go the extra mile to not only expose real-world business processes, but also leverage the latest standards such as WS-Security in our products, said Cristian Sturek, Founder and Principal SOA Architect of XWebServices, Inc.

Some of the features include:

1. WS-* Standards – authentication and authorization are being enforced through the WS-Security Username Token industry standard. Client applications have the option of passing the credentials either as Digest or Plain Text.

2. Two Distinctive Versions – clients have the option of consuming two distinctive versions of the Web Service featuring:

Authentication / Authorization: WS-Security for Version 2 and SOAP Headers for Version 1

Request / Response: Complex Types for Version 2 and Primitive Types (Version 1)

3. Administrative Functionality Provided – as with all Web Services offered by XWebServices, Inc., an online administrative tool is provided free of charge with registration. The administrative tool for the XWebCheckOut Web Service lists all Baskets and Receipts in your account, as well as complete details about each individual order.

4. Maximum Flexibility – store only the information your application requires (i.e. no shipping information if your application does not require shipping information to be stored). Comments, special requests, suggestions, specific instructions, etc, can be added to each order as well.

5. Personalization – SOAP Methods return previously placed orders by a specific shopper – ideal for creating an “order history” section in your client application.

XWebCheckOut Web Service WSDL:

Version 2


Version 1


https://ws.xwebservices.com/XWebCheckOut/XWebCheckOut.asmx?wsdl (SSL)

The XWebCheckOut Web Service features a 30 day free trial period. Keeping our promise to deliver SOA Solutions via XML/SOAP based Web Services at extremely competitive prices, we offer the following 3 subscription options after the initial 30 day free trial period:

1. Hosted: Less than 10,000 hits a month $ 10/month or $ 100/year

2. Hosted: More than 10,000 hits a month $ 0.015/hit

3. Dedicated – $ 999/cpu

About XWebServices, Inc.

XWebServices, Inc. is a California Corporation based in Simi Valley, California. Extensive experience in Enterprise Architecture primarily in Financial Services, Insurance, HealthCare and Real Estate / Mortgage Banking fields, a U.S. based team of SOA Architects and Consultants focusing on Enterprise SOA, planning and design, an offshore Software Development team based in Romania and partnerships with Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Composite Applications and SOA / Web Services Management and Security industry leaders have positioned XWebServices, Inc. as a SOA Consulting, SOA Services, SOA Solutions and Web Services Provider leader.

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