Video with TLC – Temasys Communications Lead the Technology Race, Demonstrating the Worlds First Fully WebRTC Enabled Multiparty International Video Conference

(PRWEB) December 19, 2012

Today, Temasys Communications demonstrated a fully functioning multiparty video conferencing platform that needs no special software, no special hardware, no special applications, and no special tools or knowledge, to use. The idea is that a user can communicate with anyone, anywhere, at anytime, by just opening any browser on a computer and, by clicking on See, Call or Chat, depending on whether or not we want to video call or just use voice or chat, we connect. Using a emerging technology called WebRTC to power their web site, interestingly named (the tlc stands for Temasys Laboratory of Communications, by the way) Temasys has harnessed the power of WebRTC, a disruptive technology that everyone is forecasting to change, forever, the way we communicate and the hottest video conferencing and communications technology around.

How does it work? In a demonstration at Temasys Labs today, a URL was entered into a browser to connect to the Video With TLC web site. Two clicks later a video conference and chat connection was made to a partipant on the other side of the world, in Boston, MA., USA. Two more clicks and three more people joined from around Singapore. For good measure the Temasys Logo became a participant via another computer. This completed a six way pure WebRTC call (no Flash Plug In, no downloads). It was that simple. In addition to taking part in the video call, each user could, simultaneously, use private chat between each other or with the group. Using the public Internet Video With TLC will link friends and families around the world, more simply and easily than ever before. By Q2 2013, Temasys Web RTC service will be available at the standards demanded by corporate users.

A seismic shift in communications is underway, a tsunami of change, has taken place and, today, Temasys has beaten many giants of the industry to stake the high ground.. says Bill Lewis, MD of Temasys the applications that will emerge using this technology are boundless and we are proud to be the first company to be able to put this multi party WebRTC communication technology into the hands of everyday users and companies alike.

Dr Alex Gouaillard, Temasys Chief Technology Officer, explains: WebRTC (or Web Real Time Communications) part of HTML5 is one of the hottest topics around in the field of hi tech today. Since WebRTC really started to get momentum in the fall of 2012, the Silicon Valley development community and Tech VCs has been buzzing with news that companies are taking this latest technology seriously and Temasys at the table to exploit this emerging technology for the benefit of our customers.

While there have been many announcements of what I would term partial solutions, or limited application of WebRTC, we have taken the greatest leap in the development of the WebRTC so far. Multiparty visual communications, readily accessible via a publically accessible service, on a stable WebRTC platform, full GoogleID, OpenId support, presence information support, and direct conference invitation for users logged in, has not been achieved before today and there were considerable challenges which we overcame in moving the application of this great technology to a new level.

Temasys Communications is a Singapore based provider of Cloud Based videoconference services (VaaS) and a specialist in providing corporate video solutions and visual communications to remote places using terrestrial and satellite communications. Customers include multi national corporations, government entities, and small businesses alike. Temasys global encrypted network can provide worldwide coverage using the latest in video conferencing, visual communications, and collaboration technology.

Temasys Laboratories of Communications (TLC) is the Research and Development arm of Temasys Communications and specializes in advanced technology and software concepts. It draws on leading talent from Singapore and around the world to form a caucus of talent committed to changing the way we communicate, conduct business, and lead our daily lives for the better.

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