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6Feb/130 Launches a Digital Article Library to help Inform, Prepare and Guide Students through the Online School Experience

(PRWEB) October 30, 2012

No longer is it necessary to spend hours searching the Internet for current, reliable information regarding online school. Now, at, individuals interested in learning more about earning accredited online degrees can find answers to frequently asked questions gathered in one, easy-to-navigate website. Within's digital library rich with articles addressing a broad range of distance learning topics, prospective students will find invaluable information such as detailed course descriptions, how to apply for financial aid, tips for successfully completing an online degree program and employment opportunities for all sorts of degree fields.

Never before has such a comprehensive article library specifically related to the online school experience been available at one website, In addition, many different online school programs are thoroughly covered in these articles, from obtaining a teaching degree to earning a master's degree in computer science. Other programs explored in depth include medical assisting, business administration, paralegal studies and graphic design artist. Moreover, regular visitors to the site benefit from the addition of 20 new articles each month.

View the article library here:

Helpful Resources.

Helpful links to relevant government websites are included in articles that illustrate the steps to take when applying for financial aid, such as Pell grants, scholarships and Stafford loans. Instead of being directed from one pointless, commercially-based website to another, and then on to sites that have nothing to do with educational financial aid, will not waste time by including useless links or unnecessary information. Instead, people who are seriously interested in taking online classes to earn diplomas, certifications or degrees can discover all the information needed to start taking advantage of the benefits of online school without the hassle of spending unnecessary hours scouring the Internet for pertinent details and instructions.

In-Depth Information about Each Online School Topic.

The development and launching of represents the future of websites that legitimately and straightforwardly offer a wealth of data concerning all aspects of one topic. In addition to the article library providing important information designed to help students get started on the road to earning a degree, also offers content concerning the best, accredited online schools currently in operation and accepting students. Only distance learning higher education schools accredited by national and regional accrediting agencies should be considered as valid institutions from which to earn a degree.'s article library contains several articles that define the meaning of accreditation and also provides names of all accrediting organizations recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Time Management and Class Management Articles.

Although online classes are rapidly becoming the preferred method of earning two year, four year and graduate degrees, many students find the lack of a strict time schedule and the flexibility of taking online courses something difficult to manage successfully. In fact, the primary reason students have trouble completing an online degree program involves time management skills and keeping up with course assignments. To prevent potential students from falling into a cycle of procrastination and cramming that often leads to failing,'s article library dispenses articles with tips and real-world advice about what to do to successfully manage time, how to pass exams and ways to remain motivated while enrolled in an online degree program.

Visit the Digital Library.

By providing the ultimate article library with interesting and readable documents covering the world of online education, is sure to become the definitive online school source for students who are already taking online courses and for people who are interested in learning about the best online schools as well as applying for financial aid, enrolling in a degree program and what to expect as a professional online school student.

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