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Nationwide Vehicle Wraps Manufacturer, JMR Graphics, Responds to Article About Car Wrap Ad Scams

Central Islip, NY (PRWEB) November 17, 2012

On November 17th, Nationwide Vehicle Wraps Manufacturer and printer, JMR Graphics, comments on an article regarding consumers becoming victims of car advertisement scams.

In the CBS Denver article, Denver resident, Laurel Dakini, received an email from someone claiming to represent Rock Star energy drinks. In the email, Mrs. Dakini was offered $ 350 a month to wrap her car with the Rock Star logo. She stated that shed seen car wraps before and thought they looked good. I thought itd be a little way to make some extra money, Dakini stated.

The article mentions that vehicle wrap is one of the most effective forms of advertising in the market today. One car wrap garners between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day.

Dakini sent pictures of her vehicle via email correspondence with the supposed Rock Star representative. She said that she became suspicious of the offer when she received emails with directions on how to transfer funds. They began asking me to wire money before this check even arrived, Dakini stated. They were telling exactly how much to wire, where, how. And thats when I got a little suspicious. Dakinis suspicions were confirmed when her bank refused to cash the $ 1,850 check she received. Thats when I went, Im sure something is wrong.

In response to the article, Katherine Winkler, a JMR Graphics representative, states, There are legitimate companies that will pay you for advertisement space on your car because driven media is incredibly cost-effective way to monetize business. Katherine goes on to caution, However, people need to be wary of being contacted directly. Companies want people who will be driving in high-traffic areas. They post ads online for people to respond to. Generally, if youre contacted by a big company asking you to wrap your car, then you can be almost certain its a scam. However, smaller companies in your area might approach you directly, if they have seen you driving around for a while. Katherine adds, always err on the side of caution.

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