Maynex H2-Flex Recycles Pee into Gas For Your SUV

Covington, GA (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

Maynex H2-Flex, a portable hydrogen extractor, recycles pee (and water) into 100% pure hydrogen gas–on demand. The H2-Flex could eliminate the need for petrol and those expensive, bulky K cylinders. The company’s graphic video illustrates a woman peeing into the apparatus to run a vehicle.

No one want to see the lines at the gas pumps that were seen during the 1973 Arab oil embargo and the 1979 Iranian revolution. However, rising energy demands in China and India could see oil prices going above $ 100 a barrel in the months ahead. This will lead to limited supply, gasoline hoarding, and panic that were felt during those times. To prevent such crisis, Maynex hopes to have the H2-Flex into the hands of struggling motorists.

So how does the H2-Flex works? Pee (or add water) into the H2-Flex container, place an aluminum cartridge on the provide tray, close the lid, and hit the “start” button. An electronically controlled separator inside the H2-Flex mixes the aluminum powder, electrolytes and pee (or water) together to create the high-octane pure H2 gas–as required.

The 32-ounce cartridge (cost $ 17.50) contains enough power to produce 500 liters of hydrogen in 20 minutes. Energy densities for the fuel are 9.2KWh/L or 8.9KWh/Kg, about 4 times that of a state-of-the art battery technology. This is enough hydrogen to power a 2000-lb vehicle roughly 300 miles without gasoline. As usual, larger vehicles will not go as far on the same amount of gas.

With as little as 5 to 10% of pure hydrogen boost, an ICE engine can also use the following: Natural Gas, Propane, Gasoline, Alcohol (methanol or ethanol), Diesel Fuel, Motor Oil, Castor Oil, and used Vegetable Oil in a gasoline engine, said Harlo Mayne, the inventor of the H2-Flex. You dont need a diesel engine in order to run on bio-diesel or French fry oil.

According to the company, other benefits include: Toyota Prius-type gas mileage, purge carbon buildup, increases horsepower, prevents damage caused by E10 blend of gasoline, eliminates harmful emissions, and can totally eliminate the need for gasoline.

Before the U.S. biofuels boom took off in 2007, the food vs. fuel debate raged: can we afford to use corn for ethanol in a starving world? Five years later, in an era of stubbornly high oil prices, Farm bankers ask: can we afford not to? The answer now is yes, stated the Inventor.

Maynex was formed in 2008 to develop cheaper alternative to petrol. Currently the H2-Flex is only available for pre-order at at a special introductory price of $ 549 for 30 days. Replacement cartridges will be available at most retail outlets around the country, as well as online. To learn more, please visit


If youd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Harlo Mayne, please call us at (876) 834-9911 or email the inventor at info(at)maynex(dot)com.

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