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Liantec Announce the Tiny-Bus(TM) Modular Expansion Solution

(PRWEB) June 22, 2006

Liantec Systems Corporation announces the Tiny-Bus(TM) modular expansion solution as the standard embedded system integration solution. The Tiny-Bus(TM) is integrated with 16xPCI-Express Graphics, AGP, PCI-Express and PCI bus interfaces on the 2.920 x 3.600 inches of daughterboard. With the Tiny-Bus(TM) modular expansion solution, the system integrators can build their niche platform systems with special interface modules easily, quickly and cost effectively.

Multiple Bus Interface Expansibility

The Tiny-Bus(TM) modular expansion solution is integrated with the popular bus interface including the 16xPCI-Express Graphics (PCI-EG), AGP, PCI-Express (PCI-E) and PCI in four board-to-board connectors. For the different applications, the system integrators can choose the interface module for their niche computing platform including 16xPCI-EG based NVIDIA MXM mobile graphics module, Intel SDVO 1080i HDTV module, 4xPCI-E SATA RAID module, PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet module, PCI-E ExpressCard module, AGP-based VGA module, Intel DVI, VIA DVP, SiS VB based graphics expansion module, PCI-based PCMCIA, video capture, switch hub, multiple Ethernet and mini-PCI modules, and other 16xPCI-EG, AGP, PCI-E, PCI-based customized modules.

Flexible Modular Expansion Solution for Software Builders and System Integrators

For the software builders and system integrators, the Tiny-Bus(TM) modular expansion solution can be help them to build the different platform for different application easily, quickly and cost effectively. With the Tiny-Bus(TM) modular expansion solution, the system integrators can build their systems with the same motherboard and different interface modules for different application, or use the same interface module on different motherboard to separate the marketing position with different CPU platform.

Space-saving Integration for Compact and Slim-type Embedded Systems

With the Tiny-Bus(TM) modular expansion solution, the system integration can be done with the embedded interface modules at the same size as the motherboard. This feature of Tiny-Bus(TM) modular expansion solution bring the benefit of space-saving for the system integrators who need the smallest, compact and slim-type system enclosure for the space-limited embedded computing application.

Quick, Reliable and Low Cost Customized ODM Service with Modular Solution

To meet the demand of customized ODM/OEM service, the Tiny-Bus(TM) modular expansion solution makes it possible to build the customized niche platform based on the existing motherboard and a new customized interface module. With the same motherboard, the technical risk, lead time and NRE cost of customized ODM solution is under control within the customized interface module rather than a total new motherboard.

For the further information about Tiny-Bus(TM) modular expansion solution, please visit the website at

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