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High Speed Outdoor Wireless Streaming Bridging Router Exceeds 60Mbps Actual Throughput With No Jitter

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) June 6, 2006

HauteSpot Networks Corporation announced today the availability of the new HR-IXP420SXP wireless outdoor bridging router for streaming media. The new product is ideal for demanding streaming applications such as unicast or multicast MPEG 4, IPTV, and other related applications.

The new HR-IXP420SXP uses a combination of a high performance embedded network processor, high gain/high performance radio modules available for either 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, the HauteRouterOSng operating system which is optimized for high performance wireless devices like the HR-420SXP, and the HauteLine high performance wireless protocol which is specifically designed for streaming media.

In real world testing, the HR-IXP420SXP, in a point to point bridge configuration, was able to achieve actual RTP stream throughput of 60Mbps with no data loss and no jitter on the unlicensed 5Ghz band. Three simultaneous RTP streams of 10Mbps were also tested and showed the same results: no jitter and no data loss.

The HR-IXP420SXP achieves these amazing results through the use of a non-blocking hardware architecture where the CPU, the wireless MAC/PHY, and the on-board system bus are all matched to one another. All elements of the architecture are balanced for maximum performance and throughput. The hardware is packaged in a rugged waterproof enclosure and is powered by 802.3af compliant Power Over Ethernet (PoE).

The hardware architecture is complimented by the HauteRouterOSng firmware operating system which provides a stable, well tested environment which is optimized to the hardware platform and provides a set of simple Web management interfaces to users, allowing for simple installation and configuration.

Finally, the HauteLine wireless protocol, which is designed specifically to leverage the capabilities of the radio modules and HauteRouterOSng operating system used in the HR-IXP420SXP provides reliable, high performance throughput without jitter, data delay or packet loss at extremely high data rates.

Typical wireless applications using 802.11 protocols suffer from delay and stream interruption due to management overhead such as beaconing, polling and other functions. Management has been redesigned in the Hauteline protocol to not interrupt streaming.

The ability for the HR-IXP420SXP to operate on a variety of frequencies using the identical software and operating system means that customers can train their installers and operators once and deploy everywhere. 900Mhz operation allows for non-line-of-sight operations, 2.4Ghz allows for global operation without licensing, and 5Ghz operation allows for maximum throughput with limited noise.

The HR-IXP420SXP will be available in production volume by early August and is available for trials in small volume now.

Supporting system components including antennas, cables and connectors are also available from HauteSpot Networks.

More information on the HR-IXP420SXP and HR-IXP420SX (standard 802.11 protocol router) is available at the HauteSpot Networks' web site

About Hautespot Networks:

HauteSpot Networks designs, builds and sells wireless broadband equipment for the municipal/public safety/homeland security, power/water/petroleum distribution, RV/Marina/Truck stop, and telecommunication access markets. Their products cover the complete spectrum for wireless access including customer premise equipment (CPE), point to point bridges, long range access points, wireless access concentrators and routers, neighborhood repeaters, antennas, voice over WiLAN (VoWLAN), IP surveillance cameras, UAIS equipment, and related software.

HauteSpot Networks' equipment is unique in its design for performance, range, and reliability. Using techniques to enhance layer 2 services, HauteSpot Networks' HauteRouterOSng delivers a combination of routing and bridging which supports applications such as low latency point to point links for architectures such as SCADA, multi-cast, and uni-cast for real time high definition video and audio streaming, and top to bottom QoS management for voice over IP (VoIP).

In addition to equipment and software, HauteSpot Networks also offers consulting and design professional services, leveraging their years of experience in wireless IP networks and embedded telecommunications systems design.

Founded in 2002 in San Luis Obispo California, privately held HauteSpot Networks Corporation has been profitable quarter over quarter.


Charlotte Chang

Director of Marketing Communications

HauteSpot Networks Corporation

3450 Sacramento Drive

Unit A

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


(805) 541-WISP (9477)

(800) 541-5589


(805) 456-3829


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