GoPro Hero 3 HD Camera Picked as Top Device in 2013 According to iTrustNews

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 05, 2013

Enthusiasts that take part in mountain biking, skateboarding or other energetic activities now have a way to document what living on the edge is like. The GoPro Hero 3 HD camera has been picked as one of the top devices of 2013 according to A new report released online details how certain retailers have built up supplies of this USB camera attachment and lowered the price to help boost sales of this camera in the new year.

The increase in web technologies has helped define the USB connection as a standard on many devices. Everything from televisions to computers to baby monitors now have a USB input. The GoPro company created its HD version of its camera series for use outdoors coupled with a USB connection.

Those that engage in professional or amateur sports can now attach this camera to the body, vehicle or other transportation device for later upload to a computer.

The report details how the widespread use of this camera helped it to achieve top sales status in 2012 through the holiday season. Video streaming websites like YouTube have thousands of videos that are uploaded by enthusiasts that already used the GoPro edition cameras. The sales in 2013 are expected to remain strong as the competition in the portable tablet device is scheduled to increase.

The integration of Wi-Fi and more video codecs are two elements that have helped sales of the GoPro Hero 3 rise in popularity. Instant uploads to portable devices or to video sharing websites is now possible with the latest edition according to More video playback choices including HD and better video recording quality have helped to popularize this device. The report published online now includes some of the best retailers online that are now offering discounts for this camera.

This new report is one of many scheduled to remain updated through the first quarter of the New Year to help online shoppers find the best pricing for popular consumer electronics and other devices.

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