Fujifilm XF1 Compact and Stylish Premium Digital Camera

NYC, NY (PRWEB) November 13, 2012

B&H Photo Video announced that they are currently stocking the latest Fujifilm XF1 premium point-and-shoot digital cameras with handsome looks to match their optimal performance. An aluminum body with faux leather wrap gives this camera its classic good looks, and its 12MP CMOS sensor, Fujinon f/1.8 4x zoom lens, and 3.0″ Premium Clear LCD highlight its contemporary performance and functionality.

The Fuji XF1 is the most compact member of the X series and a true point-and-shoot at heart. Nevertheless, the XF1 small camera incorporates a large 12MP 2/3 EXR CMOS sensor and a manual, retractable Fujinon zoom lens. It is also capable of recording full HD 1080i video, handling full-resolution continuous shooting rates up to 7 fps, and offers manual shooting modes for greater control over exposure settings. These technologies are housed in an elegantly designed body featuring a colored leatherette wrap, keeping in line with the overall retro styling of the X series cameras.

XR Imaging Sensor and Processor

The 12 megapixel 2/3 EXR CMOS sensor provides more than adequate resolution for high resolution still imagery and full HD 1080i (at 30 fps) video recording. The unique makeup of the EXR processor combines two CPUs, the EXR core and a reconfigurable processor to handle high-speed performance and adaptability, enhancing continuous shooting up to 10 fps (7 full-resolution fps) and HD recording. In addition to speed alone, the combination of these different processes and technologies affords a greater dynamic range, higher low-light sensitivity to ISO 12800 and lower noise levels when making longer exposures or working with higher ISOs.

Fujinon Lens

The built-in Fujinon 6.4-25.6mm lens has a 35mm equivalent focal length of 25-100mm with an impressively bright, fast maximum aperture of f/1.8-4.9. This wide range of focal lengths is suitable for most situations and the wide maximum aperture aids in low-light shooting as well as separation between the subject and background for selective focus applications. Aside from the optical attributes of the lens, it also has a convenient retractable design. By manually rotating the lens barrel, the lens can zoom in and out, rack focus and control the On/Off position of the camera. Its fully retracted design allows for the XF1 to be highly portable yet still offer an apppropriate focal-length range for efficiency. The manual control lends itself to greater precision when changing between zoom lengths when compared to a rocker switch or other mechanism for varying between wide and telephoto positions. There is also optical image stabilization for significantly reducing the appearance of camera shake when working in low-light, at telephoto lengths or when shooting close-up scenes.

Design and Features

The Fujifilm XF1 maintains the consistent, aesthetically pleasing design and minimalist styling for which the X series cameras have become known, and furthers this by adding color to the mix. The XF1 is available with a faux-leather wrap surrounding the aluminum body in red, tan and black versions. On the rear of the camera is a large 3.0 460K-dot LCD for high-resolution monitoring and reviewing of images. The control design on the rear of the camera also remains minimal in design, favoring a simplified layout that corresponds to an updated graphical user interface. Also benefiting from an updated infrastructure, a customizable E-Fn button provides quick and easy access to a full range of controls for modifying ones image settings.

Beside automatic functionality with the XF1, one can also control all exposure settings manually using standard Program AE, Aperture-priority, Shutter speed-priority and Manual modes; each allowing a different level of input in the way the camera records imagery. For creative in-camera options, one can also have the ability to apply up to 11 creative filtersincluding toy camera, miniature and pop coloras well as 5 different film-simulation modes for emulating the look of traditional Fujifilm emulsion types.

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