Entity Resolution Software Delivers Solutions Faster; Identity Resolution Engine 2.2 Interface Reduces Time to Search Data, Discover Relationships, Automate Decisions, and Manage Cases

Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 15, 2009

Infoglide Software Corporation announced today that Version 2.2 of its Identity Resolution Engine (IRE) is now generally available. IRE 2.2 makes its powerful entity resolution capabilities easier to use by adding new IRE Desktop and IRE Management Studio rich web clients.

“IRE 2.2 makes the power of the Engine more accessible, resulting in less time to create and deploy a solution,” said Ram Anantha, Infoglide’s director of product management. “The new IRE Desktop application provides analysts, investigators, and integrators a superior, tailored experience to access the engine’s full power. Additionally, there have been significant improvements to the IRE’s core functionality, such as enhanced matching algorithms, additional search and retrieval strategies, and more powerful customization features, resulting in a better quality solution.”

The new release addresses enterprise-level challenges by supplying the needed scalability and performance to manage high volumes of data and maximize efficiency. It improves business decisions by utilizing customizable rules that apply business logic to current, incoming data as well as search results. By providing an easily deployable software engine that is highly configurable, tunable, and adaptable, it evolves with organizational needs while also minimizing resources needed by returning automated, accurate results.

New features in IRE 2.2 have set a new standard for IRE’s ease of use and flexibility. Screenshots, demonstrations, and more information about IRE 2.2 are available at http://www.identityresolutionengine.com.

IRE Desktop

The rich client environment of IRE 2.2 includes an interactive desktop application that provides the flexibility to move from one function to another in a convenient-to-administer web browser model.

IRE Desktop simplifies searching data, discovering hidden relationships, and automating decision-making processes. It also enables users to create, build, and adjudicate cases based on discovered information.

The application can be readily configured to meet the specific business needs of an organization. Tabular search forms and similarity search results are both configurable to enable customization of solutions without the need for additional programming.

Productivity features include a new Favorites functionality that increases efficiency by saving favorite cases, decision criteria, search results, discovery results, and other entities. Alternatives for accessing key functions let the user choose the most productive way to build identity resolution solutions, and personalization settings give users other choices in the appearance of the desktop. Cases can be automatically or manually generated using the lightweight case management feature, and custom business processes established to manage the cases.

IRE Management Studio

Mirroring IRE Desktop’s ease of deployment, IRE Management Studio enables administrators to manage configurations through a rich, integrated development environment hosted in their web browser.

The IRE Management Studio allows users to create new configurations and review and modify existing ones. It creates a productive environment for managing IRE, including test scenarios and debugging sessions.

In the January 15 edition of TWDI Newsletter, Jill Dych

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