Business Reputation Management Service, JW Maxx Solutions Exposes Huge Internet Password Scams

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) January 17, 2013

Even though the digital age of today provides quite a few perks to make life far more convenient, there are still many hazards that threaten the security of ones online persona. Hacking is actually a larger threat than ever in the global landscape. This places users at the threat of at least intrusion and inconvenience. Greater threats such as humiliation, identity theft and impersonation are also a possibility.

JW Maxx Solutions, a business reputation management service, reveals the top password scams from last year that all internet users should be prepared against to stay safe and secure on the internet.

Firstly, it is strongly advised to not use names. Obviously one should never use their first or last name in their password but they should also avoid anything directly associated with them. Business reputation management service JW Maxx Solutions recommends that internet surfers keep away from using the names of their kids, spouses or pets as well. These are normally the very first guesses of those trying to unlawfully get into an account.

It is also a good idea to not have your password in plain sight such as on a sticky note on a computer monitor. Business reputation management service JW Maxx Solutions recommends that people avoid snooping coworkers by putting such sensitive information elsewhere.

Another good idea is to change your password at a regular interval. A suggested time frame is every couple months. Hackers dont always use obtained passwords immediately but will wait for a more opportune time. If you are changing passwords fairly often, this scenario is completely avoided.

It is better to use more words rather than random symbols in a password. Password cracking software works to find a password based on guessing random characters in a sequence at several hundred attempts per second. This means that longer passwords are much harder to guess for the software. Also, symbols are naturally used within the software so they dont offer much added security by themselves. This means that the software is just as likely to guess the password whether it is bread or *%URK#*.

Business reputation management service recommends joining several easy-to-remember words together or creating a phrase. A password such as thebluehouseonthehill is going to be more secure and easier to remember than a bunch of random symbols. Numbers can be added at the end for added comfort and security.

Have different passwords for different websites. Most people use the same password for their email, back account, Facebook profile, and most other sites they use. If a hacker stumbles upon said password, they would then have what is essentially a skeleton key for all accessible online accounts connected with the same password.

Additionally, not every site can be trusted with account information. All websites will keep user information on file somewhere and hackers can go after them directly and obtain a lot of passwords at once.

JW Maxx Solutions, a major business reputation management service, is an organization well-versed in cyber security. In the event of password issues, security beaches, including publication of secrets, incorrect information, or defaming comments, JW Maxx Solutions is there to help.

By understanding and utilizing the way search engines such as Google and Yahoo dole out results, JW Maxx Solutions can help online businesses regain lost clients or stolen praise. JW Maxx Solutions is not just a respected business reputation management service, it also owns and controls a huge amount of interconnected and search modifying sites employed solely for optimization purposes and also employs an number of expert writers to compose factual and potent content to boost a companys online brand.


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